Bioderma Crealine/Sensibo H20 Review!

Ever since my adventure in Paris with my girlfriends in November, I’ve been on a hunt to get my hands on a bottle of Bioderma Crealine/Sensibo H20 solution.  My uni friend Jess stocked up on a few bottles whilst we were out there and gushed about how incredible it was at removing makeup and even mentioned that it is all that is used backstage at catwalk shows to remove the models makeup – so I couldn’t resist!

It sounded like a miracle cleanser so I popped it on my Christmas list, in the hope that Santa would bring me a few bottles of this magic water.


And he did! Santa (my Mum) bought this online (I gave her a few links to online French chemists & eBay stores where it was available) and I jumped for joy when I opened this pressie.  I was ridiculously excited to try this out and even considered putting loads of makeup on, just so I could take it off again (how sad!). 

I have been using it for two weeks now and I must admit that it is love.  I was very wary at first because the main ingredient is in fact water and it says H20 in the name, so I thought it might be a con because its practically just a bottle of water, but I was wrong.  Even though it has no fragrance or colour, it is more than water because it removes all of my eye makeup incredibly well, without irritating my sensitive eyes.  I squeeze out a splurge of this liquid onto a baby-wipe or cotton wool pad and soak my eyes in it for a few seconds and then gently sweep away.  It normally takes about five small squirts to remove one eye of heavy makeup (mascara, black eye liner, eye shadow, glitter) – if I’m just wearing mascara it takes about four squirts to remove both eyes. 

One thing I love about this is that it is so perfect for sensitive skin and how it literally does feel like water – I don’t feel like I’m using any harsh, pore clogging ingredients when I use this, yet it still manages to remove eye makeup better than any other cleanser that I have tried.  Normally my eyes feel quite sore and irritated after removing my eye makeup in the evening, but with this my skin feels really fresh and smooth. 

The only con I can find with this is that its only available in French chemists, which means that it is very difficult to get hold of – of course you can purchase it online, but for a price.  In France (I think) this retails at about 9 euros for two bottles (if you find a good, cheap chemist), but you are looking at about 15 euros per bottle if you buy online.  My advice would be to get a French friend to ship you some over, or stock up next time you visit on holiday.  My sister is going to France in March with her boyfriend so I am going to try and convince her to bring me back a few bottles for when I run out. 

Have you ever used Bioderma’s famous cleanser before?  What is your favourite eye makeup remover?



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