January ‘Valentines’ Glossy Box!

It’s the GLOSSYBOX time of the month again and this time its a very special ‘Valentines’ box! It contains the most perfect products for that ‘me time’ to pamper and preen yourself in preparation to this romantic season.

This box is especially perfect for me, being a single lady and all – this helps me to concentrate on the most important person in my life – me! Haha!


Davines ‘Moisturizing Balm’ – When I first saw this I was like ‘oh no not another hand cream’ (I have far too many) but after reading it I came to realise that its actually a multi-purpose balm. I bloody love multi-purpose products so I can see myself using this ALOT. You can either use it as a hair mask; rub it on damp ends and rinse out after a few minutes, a face cleanser; use it to take off makeup with a cotton pad and rinse off thoroughly afterwards, or a body balm; leave on and rinse off. I slathered this all up my arms and hands when I first opened my box and even though it is really greasy at first, it does sink into the skin after about five minutes, leaving my skin really soft. It has a essential oil kinda smell which is quite nice and is silicon and paraben free. The packaging is a metal tube which is squeezy (like The Body Shop Hemp hand cream) which means it can get damaged easily so I’d keep this on my dressing table at home.

Davines ‘Cleansing Nectar’ –
The second Davines product in my box and another multi-use product (I’m loving this!). Its a hair and body oil cleanser, so you can either use it as a shampoo or a shower gel. It smells identical to the balm and the packaging is adorable.

Eyeko ‘Skinny Eyeliner’ in Powder Pink
– I’ve never tried an Eyeko eyeliner so I was exciting when I opened this – except the colour I got is a pale off-white pink. I tend to only wear dark eye liners so I’m not exactly sure if I’ll get much use out of this, but its nice to own anyway. This is the only full size product in the box so you should get a lot of use out of it.

Fab ‘Gentle Body Wash’
– From what I can gather, this is a body cleanser, but I think you can also use it as a face cleanser. It says on the bottle ‘for sensitive skin’, ‘to relieve redness’ and ‘dermatologist recommended’ which makes me think its for the face but I’m not completely sure! This has no fragrance so it really is perfect for sensitive skin, and the packaging again is super cute.

Murad ‘Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer in Dewy Finish’ – Very excited about this product – an oil free primer which you can use under foundations or as a tinted moisturizer. It has a slight colour to it which helps to add radiance when worn on the face. This sample is 5ml – tiny, but hopefully it’ll last me long enough to decide whether I really love it or not.

What I think - Whether you are in a relationship or not this box is key for keeping you feel pampered and spruced up in the new year!

What do you think of this Valentines box? Will you be ordering one?



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