Freederm Treatment Gel Review

I have been using the Freederm Treatment 4% gel for the past three years now and I’m now on my third tube (I haven’t actually used a whole one up yet – its just they have expiry dates so I bin them after they’ve expired).   I first bought this just after I’d finished taking medication for my acne; I was worried that once I stopped taking pills my skin would get bad again, so I bought this for any outbreaks and I’ve been using it directly on spots ever since.


How I use it – When I first see or feel a spot coming up, I will take all my makeup off at night (as usual), and will apply a layer of the Freederm gel directly onto my spot.  When that layer dries (after about 40secs) I will usually apply another layer on top, just for luck.  I will keep applying Freederm directly to the spot every evening until its gone!

How it works for me – This probably works differently on everyone, but for me, Freederm really helps to make my pimples surface quicker, meaning they fade quicker.  If I wasn’t to use this, a spot would take maybe up to five days to actually get a whitehead, and then another five days after that until its faded and gone completely.  When I use Freederm on a spot, the next morning after applying it I will have a whitehead, and so the spot is gone a few days after and the time its on my skin is halved, if that makes sense.  On certain naughty spots though (like cystic under the skin spots) this won’t help at all.  I believe that this only works for those annoying white heads that we get on our chins and foreheads. 


What I think – Although it doesn’t work on every type of spot, I still love it and will still keep repurchasing.  It calms my mind knowing that I have Freederm nearby just in case I get a zit and I won’t worry about the spot as much, as I know that it is dealing with it.

In one tube you get 25g and you can buy it in most chemists and high street pharmacy stores for around £7-9.  I do think that £8.99 is a tad expensive for a little tube of gel that I haven’t even managed to finish yet (maybe little cheaper travel sizes would be good?) but having had no luck with Oxy, Clearasil or other spot creams, I’m definitely going to keep using this.

Repurchase: Yes!

Do you use Freederm?  What other spot gels do you recommend?


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