Kiss Nails (petites & medium length) review!

Last week I attended the National Beauty Blogger event (which was good fun) and I was lucky enough to get my nails done by two lovely ladies at the Kiss Nails stand.  I’ll be honest and say that I’d never actually heard of Kiss nails before but now I’m addicted!

I’ve worn fake acrylic nails (done in salons) in the past and after every time I got them applied I swore to myself I’d never ever get them done again – just because of the state that they left my nails in.  So for the past few years I’ve just been trying to make the most of my own nails by trying to let them grow and by painting them in lovely shades.  BUT I seem to have a problem maintaining long nails – I get them to a nice length and then I pick them all off until they are short again when I’m bored (nasty habit).  So when I was offered to have glue on nails applied I couldn’t resist.

I got the Kiss Everlasting French, Medium Length nails applied and instantly loved them, they made my hands look and feel so feminine.  Once I got home I filed the nails down to a size that I felt comfortable wearing which you can see below – really easy to shape with the file that is included in the kit.


Since then I’ve also tried the Kiss French Petite nails -


How to use – Its so easy!  You basically size each nail up for both hands before you start gluing.  There are plenty of sizes to choose from so its pretty easy to match them up to your nail size.  Then you simply apply the glue supplied to both the fake nail and your actual nail, then apply the falsie and hold it on until its stuck (about 10 seconds I found).  Simple as!  It’s also handy to keep a cotton bud nearby to gently remove any excess glue from around the nail and underneath the nail tip.


What I think – Kiss nails have transformed me into a false nail addict.  I just adore my nails and hands with the falsies on, they look feminine, pretty and just neat.  I am seriously impressed with the lasting time of this product as well.  Mine lasted six days until my index finger nail fell off (at work whilst opening boxes – fortunately I had the glue in my bag to stick it straight back on!).  Throughout those six days I cleaned my room, washed the dishes several times, wrote lengthy words and generally used my hands a lot and they stayed put.  I removed the nails with the Kiss false nail remover set (which is basically nail remover in a tub with little rough edges to you can scrub them off whilst you soak – very handy).  My nails weren’t too damaged underneath – hardly at all in fact, they just felt a little weak, nothing a bit of nail hardener won’t fix. 

They retail at around £8 in Boots and Superdrug which is great for a week’s use, considering you can pay around £25 for acrylics that completely ruin your nails.  Also – the French manicure did not chip at all.  Whenever I have got acrylics in a salon, the design chips in a few days – where as I found with these that the white tip stayed on all week.

I definitely recommend these and my sister has already gone out and purchased some after seeing mine.  My mum has also been impressed and is going to apply them before we go on holiday this year (she’s never had falsies so this is a big deal!).

Have you ever tried Kiss nails?  What are your favourite type of falsies?



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