HD Brows Treatment Review!

I have such a thing for eyebrows as you probably know; years of bushy brows have made me aware of how much they can change and alter your face shape, so when the name HD Brows started appearing on line and in my makeup bag I became intrigued with this whole phenomena.

A snapshoot from the Glossybox video!

GLOSSYBOX filmed the whole process of getting HD Brows AND Blink + Go Lashes (my review of that treatment here!) with me on the day, so you can see exactly what happens as well as before and after shots!

HD Brows procedure – Before I had the treatment, I knew that HD Brows made makeup products to keep brows looking fabulous, but it wasn’t until I did a bit more research that I fully understood the concept.  HD Brows is actually a ‘7-step’ treatment, developed by the Noveau Beauty Group, to leave with you the best brows for your face.

Right brow -
Left brow-

The 7 steps are as follows –

1) Consultation -  with your stylist to determine which brow shape will best suit your face, what colour your brows should be and filling in a few forms with basic details.

2) Tinting – If you have thin, or over plucked brows, you don’t need to worry as the consultant will tint your brows to match your hair or natural colour.  My consultant chose a greyish black colour, as my brows are naturally quite dark and because I adore striking brows.  The dye is left on for a minute and is then swept off with cotton pads.

3) Waxing – I’ve had my brows waxed before and so I knew that I could handle the pain, but to be honest, I find waxing around the eye area is relatively pain free.  The consultant uses a specially created wax to ensure that it doesn’t pull or hurt the skin, and this is used to create the arch.

4) Trimming – Your brows are then combed through and trimmed to match sure they are tame and of the same length.

5) Threading – Now this is the bit I was most worried about.  I have heard horror stories about threading, but it was over so quickly it really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.  Threading is used above the brow to blend the hairs in naturally to the rest of your face.

6) Tweezing – This was the most uncomfortable part of the process in my opinion!  My back kept twitching when my consultant was plucking and it was making me sneeze, but for the outcome it was worth it!

7) Aftercare – Your consultant will then run through how to care for your new brows and will fill in any sparse areas with the HD brow kit as well as setting the brows with the HD Brows ‘Brow Beater’.  I asked my consultant, Jane, to show me how to fill my brows in with the powder as I was unsure and unconfident in how to do it myself.

Screenprints from the Glossybox video! 

What I think – I have got to say, this is probably the best beauty treatment I have EVER had done.  Having perfect brows completely enhanced my facial features and made any makeup look, look ten times better.  It has been around 3 months since I had them done and my brows are now getting a little unmanageable again, so I’m going to book myself back in and have another HD Brows treatment ASAP. 
I honestly never thought that I could have arches in my brows because they were so shapeless and straight – but knowing that having an eyebrow arch is obtainable is amazing – I can’t wait to have HD Brows again.

The HD Brows procedure is available in lots of salons, you can look up the nearest to you at their website here - http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/salon-finder
The price varies but it should be around £25.

I’d like to thank Glossybox, the Karen Betts Salon and the Noveau Beauty Group for giving me the chance to experience HD Brows – I am now a complete fan and can’t wait to have the treatment again.

Have you ever had HD Brows? How do you normally care for your eyebrows?

I am going to write a post about all the products I use to fill my brows in and care for them, very soon!



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