Sure Maximum Protection Challenge!

I know deodorant isn’t the most interesting topics to read about on a beauty blog, but it’s something that we use every day and which is actually quite an important product in daily life, so these posts should be helpful to most of you!

I have taken on a challenge – to use a brand spanking new deodorant which is just hitting the market, and put it through a number of tests (think nerve-wracking, embarrassing, stressful situations) to test whether it can control my sweat!  The product in questions is the new Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorants.


This is apparently two times stronger than the normal leading antiperspirants on the market and are perfect to keep you protected and sweat free in all situations.  This means you can go about your daily life and not have to worry about getting hot and flustered on a packed rush hour train, or not have to worry about lifting your arms up during a yoga lesson. 

These are available in two new forms; confidence (to keep you dryer for longer) and sensitive (if you suffer with sensitive skin and broken skin under the arms).  I have been trialling these out for the past two weeks and will be updating you on my challenge on Friday (to put myself through situations which are out of my comfort zone whilst wearing the deodorant) – so pop back then to see how I got on!

The Sure Max Protection deodorants are available from all leading retailers for £5.30.  You can also buy them online at at these links - Sure Maxi Protection Confidence Link and Sure Maxi Protection Sensitive Link!

What is your favourite deodorant?  Have you got any ideas of extra challenges I can put myself through?


Please note this is a sponsored post but all opinions are honest and trustworthy!


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