My Christmas Decor! A little tour...

I cannot believe Christmas is in 5 days! Unbelievable.
Since interior design, decorating, and diy things are all huge hobbies and loves of mine, I really wanted to share some of my Christmas decor around our home.

For me, I usually change up our Christmas decor year-to-year.  By the end of the season and especially by the next year, I'm always ready for something new. This year, I got away from my usual silver and gold trees and went for something more colorful.

What's crazy is that I rarely buy anything new, decor-wise, for Christmas. I like to switch up what I already have. For Christmas trees especially, it's so easy to add some inexpensive ball ornaments in different colors to make a whole new look. Ok, so I'm getting ahead of myself....

So this year, I really wanted to share my Christmas decor with you all in the form of a little video tour. I also, of course, took some photos of my three trees and some easy table centerpiece ideas.  I'm definitely not showing the whole house, just rooms where there are new Christmas things!

DEFINITELY check out the video because it shows A LOT more of each room, whereas these photos below are just of little specifics....
Like this guy.

I give you... Waylon in his little Christmas "Ugly Sweater".   He put this on just for you guys, FYI.

Ok, so we'll start with our "big" tree in the family room.

The theme is... Well, I'm not really sure how to word it. haha ;)  I'd say "Colorful Sparkle"....?
Yeah, that works.

I added all my usual silvery and gold ornaments, as well as my pretty gold-painted wooden bead garland.

Let's not even focus on the little chunk of lights that decided to die this year. :/
The joys of a pre-lit tree. I think next year we're going to try a real one!

The only new thing I added to it this year were the 3 "Love, Peace, Faith" banners. Oh, and the pink ornament balls. I love the colorful blue, green, and pink ball ornaments together. With the gold, it really looks super pretty. The color combo makes me so happy. Adding a set or two of those colorful ball ornaments is a great inexpensive way to change up a tree!

Next up...More family room details.
 I added the little star (which is really an ornament) to the coffee table along with the two little twiggy glitter trees I got at Target years ago.

Next, our couch in the family room always gets some Christmas love too...

 These Pier 1 jeweled snowflake pillows are my fav. I've had these for years too. I always hate to pack them up after Christmas because they're so pretty! Notice the colorful throw on the back of the couch. My mom gave it to me recently as an early Christmas present! It's from the Vera Bradley English Rose collection.
I've never been a Vera Bradley fan, but I went CRAZY when I saw this! It picks up the colors in the tree perfectly.

Next up, some kitchen details...
I put together this little centerpiece in our breakfast area in our kitchen. It's so simple, but people always comment on it. It's glam and simple at the same time.

Not a ton of Christmas stuff in the kitchen, but I do enjoy this guy on our counter...
Who doesn't love a Gingie Chef?  (Again, for a view of the whole kitchen, don't miss the video!)

 Next, our fun "Gingie/Food" tree in our dining room...

 I love how every item on it is food of some sort. It's fun and I love it.

This is the centerpiece on our dining room table. This year, we're hosting Christmas dinner at our place so this is what she'll look like! Except with the table extended for a few more place settings. ;)
 Simple "branch" pillar candles from Pottery Barn and some glittery pinecones.

 Aren't the little baby pine trees presh??

Next up, our little front living/sitting room.
I'm obsessed with this fluffy garland.  Lit garland is SO beautiful. I added this to the top of a cabinet.
 I love the deer antlers mixed in with the old wood-framed mirror for a natural look. (MUCH more of this room in the video too....)

 ...and my newest lil guy. My fun girly tree in my office.

 Yeah, I couldn't resist!

So like I said, DON'T miss the video tour for full views of each room and more Christmas details!

Hope this inspires you to spruce up your house a bit for the holidays in ways that make you happy!


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