Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette Review & Swatches!

Without a doubt Sleek makeup is one of my absolute favourite makeup brands, their palettes being one of my favourites in particular.  Every now and then (a few times a year) Sleek bring out Limited Edition palettes which are relevant to the current fashion trends or occasions (for example the Olympic palette released last spring).  You may vaguely remember that last Christmas, Sleek released a ‘Sparkle’ palette, and this year they are back with ‘Sparkle 2’!


The first thing that stands out with this palette is in fact how sparkly it really is!  The shadows glisten and really dazzle in the light (note I didn’t photoshop those sparkles on in the palette pics above!).  Although sparkly, the eye shadows are smooth and don’t contain chunky bits of glitter (which is rare for such inexpensive shadows).

As usual, I prefer the more shimmer based ones (which Sleek Palettes do SO well) such as Chocolate Penny and especially Truffle, it’s stunning.  Twinkle, Festive and Mulled Wine are my favourite glitter shadows as they are pigmented and are spot on shades for autumn/winter.  I can’t get enough of berry shades at the moment and so this palette fills that obsession.

All in all, I do recommend this palette to those looking for some glittery shadows to spruce up their makeup over this festive season.  You will be able to create a variety of looks to last you over the period and throughout the new year too.

This palette hits stores and online on 5th December for £7.99 (pretty good deal for 12 shadows). 

Will you be wearing glittery/sparkly shadows this Winter?  What’s your favourite shade in this palette?



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