Target/ Neiman Marcus Collab Purchases...

Let me just say before sharing what all I purchased from this collection that I bought NOTHING I expected to buy. Yes, I had looked at all the items on the preview page on the Target website weeks before the collection launched (and once again yesterday just to make sure of my choices).  I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and was getting.

And then I went inside and apparently became a different person.

At my Target location, it wasn't "madness" by any means. Well, there was one intense woman that literally stood outside the doors for 20 minutes prior to the store opening (I guess we weren't any better because we were eating our breakfast watching her dedication from the car...) who promptly went into the store when the doors opened, grabbed a shopping cart, and starting JOGGING toward the section of goods. She was also at least 10 months pregnant, which made her that much more intense.  On another note, I applaud you, pregnant power-walkers.


So my friend and I followed the woman (but at a much slower pace) to the back of our store to the larger than expected section of goodies.
For a moment it was just us three and then others started pouring in. 

These were my original "needs" from this collection...

Yes, that is a lunchbox and thermos. It's by Tory Burch. I'm not ashamed to say that's the only reason I wanted it. Because who doesn't need a lunchbox and thermos?? I had convinced myself it was a practical purchase, but then I saw them in person and the love just wasn't there, ya know?  I didn't want to force it. So I walked away from those little guys.
Then I checked out the Lela Rose top I had my eye on.  I tried it on and wasn't in love with it either. I wish it looked more lacy and less floral. At $69.99 I just couldn't justify it unless I was super into it. And I wasn't.

So I moved on to the children's collection. O. M. G.  Cutest little girls' dresses EVER.  I picked this one up by Marchesa and decided to put it in my cart.

Then I saw the $99 price tag and decided my invisible, imaginary 1 year old daughter of the future just wasn't that fancy.

So what items DID I buy, you wonder??  Some unexpected home stuff...

This set of 4 sweet little dessert plates with 18k gold rim by Tracy Reese. ($39.99)

They came in a cute little box I kept for storage when I'm not using them. 
But seriously, how cute?? I love that they're all unique.  I added them to our dining room table right when I got home and fell even more in love with them. I like the layered look of the charger, dinner plate, and dessert plate in different styles.

I also purchased what was my "splurge of the day"... or week. Or basically month, since this was my last "hoorah" before going on my December "no buy". See how I did that? Yeah, I mean, since this was the 1st, it basically didn't count. Plus I had been planning it that way. So, bam. Justified.

 HUGE tray by Altuzarra.  $79.99. Yeah, it was expensive, but it's HUGE. ...and very heavy.  And again, totally justified because since our coffee table top is tufted, it requires a tray for knick-knacks and assorted tchotchkies. Both of which are actual words, btw.

 But I'm super happy with it. I love the gold detailing and the faux-croc textured inside (with tempered glass over it). It feels really nice and sturdy.  Yes, trays can be sturdy... right?
I love that it's big enough to style one side with some stacked books and still have room on the other for something else. Like knick-knacks and tchotchkies.

As for the clothing (which I expected to spend the most on), I was impressed, but not impressed. The items were nice, but either fit terribly or were way too expensive for what they were. So that was a little disappointing. Other than that, it was actually a fun collection to shop! Very random and different items. Really pretty pieces.

So tell me... What did YOU guys pick up? Anything you have your eye on??


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