Power to Generation M (Photography!)

Since graduating with a photography degree in 2011, a camera has never ever left my side.  I practically take one everywhere and shoot absolutely anything that inspires me, and the only brand of camera I have ever used is of course, Canon.  I have a powershot which I carry around in my handbag and I use a 7D or 350D for photography work and blogging.  Canon is a brand which I love and will use for the rest of my photography career (you can see my photog website here) (also - I haven’t really spoken about this on my blog before but I actually started shooting weddings this year and enjoy it so much that I hope to do more of it!). 

Anyway, enough about me, Canon have recently launched a new camera, the EOS M (which might I add I am already drooling over!).  To celebrate the launch, Canon selected 5 influential people and challenged them to create an original piece of art with the new camera.  Being a beauty obsessive, Sophie Beresiner’s video is my personal favourite (although all five videos are all inspiring and want to make me get out there and shoot!).  Sophie is the editor of Look magazine (I actually met her a few years ago and definitely had a fan girl moment).  In her video she creates a still life photograph with a beauty editorial twist.

I urge you to have a watch of the videos if you are into art and also a photography geek.   You can watch all of the videos over at this link here on the vice website!

Are you a Canon lover like me?  Would you guys like to see some of my photography work?

(contains paid for content, but I had to share this as I'm such a photography geek!)


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