Rimmel Apocalips Swatches & Review!

Okay guys and girls – I have been ridiculously excited to feature these on my blog because in three words – I LOVE THEM!  I am definitely a lipstick  girl; I wear them most days and have a collection that I am ashamed to admit that I own.  Lip glosses on the other hand are my worst enemy – I have never got on with them, I hate the feeling of sticky, tacky lips and I prefer to have a lot of colour or pigment in a lip gloss where as most are sheer. 

However, recently, I was invited to the launch of the new Rimmel Apocalipses!  At first I was intrigued and then I had a play with them and instantly fell in love.  I can’t wait to show you guys how amazing they are so for now I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

L-R 500 Luna, 600 Nude Eclipse, 101 Celestial, 102 Nova, 301 Galaxy, 303 Apocaliptic, 501 Stellar, 400 Big Bang

apocalips 4

See just how wonderful they are!  Along with the incredible pigmentation of these products, they are not sticky - when I wear them my hair never gets caught in the them.  I adore the colour selection available, my favourites being Stellar, Luna and Celestial… I wore Stella, the orange based red to the Daily Mix Launch and received many compliments and also got to test out their staying power.  I applied this at 5pm and it lasted me well until I got home at 1am (I only retouched it once around 9pm!).  

I suspect Nude Eclipse will be a very popular shade when this hits stores – at first I thought it was horrendous and discarded it as I don’t think pale shades suit me, but whilst testing it out for the photos above, it’s actually stunning and very easy to wear.  Luna – the peach will also be a popular one as you can never go wrong with peachy pink lips!

These babies will be available to purchase in early January (I wish they were out sooner because my Mum too is in love with them and until they come out she is gonna keep stealing mine!) for the incredible price of just £5.99.

Will you be giving Apocalips a go?  What shade is your favourite?


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