Christmas Home Tour 2013

Is it me, or does it seem like just yesterday when I was sharing my last Christmas home decor tour?? Crazy how this year has flown by!
2013 has brought so many new and exciting things for us. One of the biggest was moving into our new house! So when the holiday season rolled around this year, we couldn't wait to decorate and start deckin' them halls... say whaaat.

K, moving on...haha

So it seems that this Christmas tour is becoming a yearly tradition. You all seemed to really love it last year, so why not bring it back, right? You can check out the full video below, but I'm also sharing a little photo tour here as well to share a few more specifics.
It's so funny how our Christmas decor changes every year. I just go with what I feel like doing. Strangely enough, I didn't have to buy anything new, other than the big tree and about three little "critter" ornaments for our big tree. I'll explain...

Here is our main, crazy huge tree in our family room.

For this one, I did sort of a "rustic woodland critters" theme. That's totally a thing, btw.
I used all of the same ornaments I've used on our main tree in the past (lots of silver, white, and gold), but added a few more ornaments of cute little woodland critters. Totally goes with what has become the decor theme in that room anyway. I'd describe the room as "rustic glam".  :)

And here's the room with my favorite critter...

The topper deserves some mention because I risked my life putting it up there on a ladder. We had been avoiding it, and Brad kept putting off getting up there to do it. So one day while he was at work, I decided I'd do it and surprise him.  Yeah, totally leaving that job to him from now on.  This is the same topper we've used on our big tree for the past 4 years. Pottery barn still has it which is nice. I'd definitely recommend it. It's really beautiful and timeless.  Something we'll have forever. I linked this particular one in the source list for the room below.

This room's stuff...

Here's the other side of the room. Nothing crazy going on there, but I love the reflection of the tree in the mirrors.

The birch candles are from Pottery Barn years ago and they have really beautiful sparkle beading on them. They don't have the exact ones this year, but you can settle for a similar option I included in the source list as well.
The only thing I'd like to add to the tree is some sort of ribbon or burlap garland. Maybe even something more natural like woven twigs?  That will be an addition for next year.
As for the actual tree itself, we found it at Costco for a great price (compared to other 12-ft LED pre-lit trees).  The lights are a nice warm white (non LED looking at all) and with the flip of a button, they change to multicolored, flashing,'s pretty awesome.

Here's the living room/my office.

I realized that I had a ton of little Eiffel Tower/Paris ornaments mixed in with our "big tree" stuff. So I thought it would be perfect to theme out a little Paris tree. Complete with little Eiffel Towers, macarons, and sweet little bicycles. It's my favorite one I think.  

The Eiffel Tower topper was from Pottery Barn last year. Sadly, it isn't available anymore, but I did find it on the website in case you wanted to look at it and find something similar (here).

I also have a bit of an obsession with my snowflake pillows. I've had these for years and years. It's no surprise that Pier 1 comes out with these again year after year because they're so darn pretty.  If we lived somewhere snowy, I'd leave them out year-round.

This room's stuff...

Next is our fun food/candy/gingie man tree in the dining room.

I've done this tree for the past several years and it's just so fun.

As for the kitchen, this year I haven't really been into Christmas-y table scapes (yet).  Closer to Christmas I might do something special, but for now, the tables are sort of bare and the kitchen isn't super decked-out. I still like to keep the decor simple.
I would include a big photo of the kitchen, but things are changing in there and it's undergoing a little makeover.  I started painting it yesterday and it. looks. awesome. I'll share it next week!

But here's the little holiday vibe that's going on in there...

Just a simple switch to my Williams-Sonoma Christmas cookbook (I've collected this particular series for the past 10 years!). That particular series has since been discontinued, but I love changing them out to different things throughout the year.  The little trees are from Target years ago.

This photo is definitely not the best. I wanted you guys to see how pretty the garland is at night.  You can see it much better in the video.

And some more garland in the basement. While we haven't really decorated the basement much thus-far, this is what we've got. I show a lot more of the basement in the video if you're curious.

In the video, I didn't show the outside of our house or the details on the decor out there. I've never really shared the outside of our houses just because that seems like it would be putting a little too much out there....haha. Maybe I will eventually, but here's some decor on our porch...

Be sure to check out the full video tour below! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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