A little home decor haul...

We all know that I share beauty hauls with you all on my YouTube channel a little more regularly than I'd like to admit... So a few days ago when I picked up some really awesome home finds, I thought, why not do the same with home decor stuff here?

It's no secret that you all are enjoying the weekly home posts on here, so I thought I'd let you in on some of my recent finds that I actually scored for some amazing deals.

Earlier in the week, my mom and I went to lunch, to one of my favorite home decor outlets, and to the mall to do some quick, last-minute holiday shopping. 

First I'll share my sweet outlet finds. We visited the Ballard Designs outlet in Roswell, GA, which is basically one of my best home decor finds ever. Years back, around the time we moved into our first home, I started shopping their website after I found a gorgeous photo online of some grouped wall mirrors that led me there. Well, at around $250 for a set of two (I really needed wanted three), I passed, but shopped the site's more affordable offerings.
Which brings me to the discovery of the outlet store... and one of the first days I visited. Yep, I found three of those exact mirrors I had been eyeing for $39 a piece.  Sold, my friends. 

I've been shopping there ever since, sharing my gem of a find with friends and family when I want to take them to my "happy place" haha.

So I was really excited that they had a ton of great sales going the day I brought my mom.  Let me just get right in to the goods...

I spotted a little pile of about three "D" faux wreaths when we came into the door.  Nope, no other letters, just D.  That's the thing about the outlet. You find some seriously random stuff. 

Oh and those are the mirrors! Now you recognize them, huh?  They're some of my favorite things in our home. You may remember our peacock wreath that hung from them just like this at our old place too. If you remember that, props to you because you've been following for a loooong time haha. ;)
I still need to shape it and fluff it a bit, but I'm so thrilled I found it! Normally, it was $45. I got it for $16. 

Next, probably my best find of the day. Going down into our basement, we have a little sconce light on the wall lighting the stairway. The existing one that was there when we moved in is covered in overspray (dang painters), bent, and is actually an outdoor light. Sounds gorgeous, huh?
Well I knew I wanted something a little special eventually to put there, but didn't want to shell out a ton since it's not really majorly in your face all the time. 

I had actually seen this in the Ballard catalog this month and thought it would be perfect there! Buuuut I didn't want to spend around the $130 they were asking for it. 

Yup. The outlet had ONE. My mom actually spotted it and said, "That would be cool in the basement."  I don't think she believed me that it was the exact one I had been wanting... So I scooped that baby up at $60.
Not the best photo of it (I got impatient and decided to photograph all of these things at night...?), but you get the idea. It actually came in a single sconce as well, but I thought the double would be better since it will put out more light and I just think it looks better. They also had it in chrome, but I grabbed the last oil-rubbed bronze one they had. It really goes with the whole "industrial" antique feel we're going for down there.  We're actually going to hang it tonight, so I'll be sure to share a little photo of it all installed in the next home post next week!

And finally, my little black and white fringe bolster pillows.

These are custom pillows that you can order from their website in the colors and fabric of your choosing. These were the only ones they had, in any color. Someone probably returned these, or either the store made the wrong color. Who knows. But get this, they were $8. Yeah. Depending on the color and fabric, these run from $34-$59.  So I'm super excited about them. Not sure where they're going to live yet. I think they'll look nice on our white couch, or even on a pair of accent chairs. They even look cute on the head chairs in the dining room.

So those were all of my great outlet finds. I actually ordered something really awesome from their website last week for the basement. Something I've been looking for for a particular space down there for a while.  There's actually been some progress down there recently! Can't wait to share that soon when it comes!

At the mall, my mom treated me to this precious "hot cocoa" pot from Williams-Sonoma.

Isn't that the sweetest? It actually has a little electric whisk inside of it that spins and "makes" the hot chocolate. Pretty unique and cute, I think.  We're hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year, so I can totally see it all set up (with some big fat marshmallows, of course) for everyone to enjoy after dinner. I thought it went with our kitchen pretty perfectly too. Such a unique little find.

So that's it for now! Have you guys found any "hidden gem" home stores recently (or that you've loved forever)?? Share the love! ;)

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