Naked 3 Palette Swatches & Comparison to 1 & 2 (with video)

So I've found that when a new Naked palette comes out, the general question is, "How does it compare to the others?" 

"...and can I make this decision quickly before they inevitably sell out 4 or 5 times when I know good and well they're anticipating this madness and have got plenty to go around??"

K, that second question is a whole other story, but I wanted to wait a bit and review and swatch this palette after the initial first few weeks of madness died down a bit. Just because to me, nothing is worse than seeing all these reviews on a palette only available ONE place online that is sold out 95% of the time. 
So I'm happy to announce that these are finally available at HERE now! 
...Although, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they sell out there a few times as well.
When the first one came out, I thought they were pretty much done. I LOOOVED it and really didn't see how they could make another one equally as great. Turns out, they had 2 more complete Naked palettes up their sleeves as well as a small "Naked Basics" palette. Since that one is totally different (half the size with all matte neutrals, you can't really compare it to the others and I don't really consider it a part of the whole "Naked palette" line. I guess they don't either, or this one would be Naked 4. So I don't count that one here. So there are 3 we'll be talking about.

Judging by how well they sell, I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with a 4 and a 5.

So because comparison is so important with these, I included the swatches of the new Naked 3 as well as my original comparison swatches of 1 and 2 for reference.

I could really go on and on about my thoughts and opinions on these, but I'm saving all that wordy goodness for my review video (at the bottom of this post). This post is mainly for reference and so that you can get a good basis for comparison.

"rose-hued neutrals"
*12 brand new shades*

"bronze-hued neutrals"

"taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows"

Naked 1 palette (top), Naked 2 palette (bottom)

So while I'm saving the super-detailed review for the video, I'll keep my thoughts on here short and sweet. My favorite is still the original. I feel like it really has a little bit of everything. A truly good mix of shades and finishes. While I like the taupe tones of Naked 2, I feel like there are too many frost finishes. If the frost had been toned down a bit for all the actual "taupe" shades in the palette, I think the colors would've shown up better. While the actual payoff is great, sometimes when light-medium depth shades are frosted, they lose a lot of the actual color intensity. For example, try using (and blending) several of those frosts together. They blend, but they look like one giant color. It's hard to get them to really stand out individually and maintain their true color. 
As for the Naked 3, I'm glad they came up with 12 all new shades. I'm really loving the rosy tones as well. This one has a lot of heavy frosts too, but I feel like it works because some of them are darker frosted shades which makes them stand out more against the other frosts when used together. 

So my faves in order would go: Naked 1, Naked 3, and Naked 2.  Actually, I think I may call Naked 1 and 3 a tie.

So what do you think?? Which one is your favorite? 

For a full review and much more on these, check out my new video below.

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