Some progress in the kitchen...

So you may remember in my Christmas decor video (check that out here if you missed it), I mentioned that I was in the middle of painting our kitchen walls.  Well that painting project is DONE and I'm loving our new light and bright kitchen!

I selected a really warm "greige".  We'll get more into that in a moment, but first let's take a look back at what it looked like before...

Totally not bad, but I was never a fan of how yellow that particular color read on the walls in there. It's actually a beautiful, warm tan that I really quite like in other rooms of the house, but in this one, it just never was right to me. Maybe it was the contrast of all the white cabinets on the walls. Who knows. I just know I'm really happy with the new color and how everything turned out.

The color I chose is Clay Beige by Benjamin Moore. I'd describe it as a very warm light gray. This one is perfect for this space because it's still warm in tone (to play well with the countertops, stone backsplash, and neighboring dining room painted in the original warm tan), but it's lighter. The hint of gray makes it interesting and far from a typical beige.  It reads very different throughout the day. Sometimes it looks a bit more gray, sometimes you can't tell it's gray at all. It's so pretty.

To me, it's just the perfect shade. I like a light and bright kitchen without being SOLID white. I like the tone-on-tone feel of it now. Feels clean, a little glam, yet still cozy.

You guys may remember me mentioning Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore in my guest bedroom post (here).  I found these colors to be super similar, however I think I'd be more likely to choose the Clay Beige for more rooms because the Edgecomb Gray can read a bit too cool sometimes. Which I don't mind in the guest bedroom, but I wouldn't want it in a larger space, personally.  Clay Beige is a bit cozier I think.

I think for a space like this, where the wall space is actually super small (really just around the top of the cabinets and around the door and windows in the breakfast area), a dark color would look a little too jarring and heavy around the ceiling with all the white cabinets. I discovered while painting around the tops of the cabinets that the walls of this room were actually a super dark green at one point! That would have been interesting to see!

Here's a shot looking in from the other direction...

I also painted all the bead board in here. There is some covering the back of the island and also on the black splash on the area on the other side.

Not sure why whoever installed the stone backsplash throughout the rest of the kitchen didn't continue it on this side as well... Oh well. I really think the bead board is quite pretty over there anyway.

I also changed up the chalkboard wall for Christmas too!

You can check out how I created my chalkboard wall in this post.  It's so fun! I don't always plan on having a fancy little creation on there. I just think it's fun for certain holidays when I know we'll be having people over.  The possibilities are endless!

As far as future plans for the kitchen, it's still very much a work in progress. Which I think is what living in a home and making it your own is all about. I love that we still have so much to do over the rest of our lives in this house (yeah, I really don't want to move again...ever), so it's exciting to think we could eventually make it into anything we want over the years.

I really want to update the range hood soon. Maybe add something that looks more custom? Also, eventually update the appliances. Not for stainless for the sake of having stainless because that seems to be what people are thinking is only acceptable now-a-days.  Which is kind of silly to me.  I actually love white appliances when they're done right. Like this and this.  To me, it actually looks more thought-out.

I hate to say this because I hate doing things for the sake of being "trendy" especially in your own home, where decisions should reflect your taste, not someone else's, but I think stainless is kind of losing it's appeal. It seems in most newly-designed kitchens I've seen lately, white has been the popular choice. At our last house, when we re-did our kitchen, we replaced all the appliances with brand new, shiny stainless appliances in our pretty white kitchen. I love the look of that kitchen and I still do. Mostly because we got these amazing smudge-proof stainless by Frigidaire Gallery that have a really professional look without all the upkeep of stainless. I'd make that decision again and again.

But for this kitchen, I want to go another direction. I want it to look a bit warm and homey, while still looking very sleek and designed (eventually)... not like a professional test kitchen...haha.  I know we're going for white when we need to replace anything. Now, there are so many brands that are offering white in some of their best appliances. Right now, I just can't justify replacing appliances that look fine and that work perfectly.
...Well, with the exception of our wall oven, which has done some sketchy things lately.  So we've been giving it the side-eye. But when it does call it quits (hopefully not anytime soon), we'll go with a pretty shiny white like this one.
Our wall oven, range, hood, and dishwasher are original to the house and are about 15 years old. So they make me a little nervous...haha.

Our fridge isn't my favorite, but it's brand new so we'll work with it for a while. Maybe building it in like we did at our last place.

Like I said, lots of plans! But I feel like the wall color made such a difference and is a huge step in the right direction.

So what about you guys? Have you all done any painting projects lately? Isn't it crazy what a difference some paint can make??


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