My Bedroom–Room Tour!

Ever since posting about my makeup storage video (here) I have been asked SO many times to do a ‘room tour’ video and blog post!  Now, I love the idea of this because I adore looking at interiors and people’s personal spaces, but I have a confession… I’m a bit of a hoarder!
I HATE throwing stuff away and will keep everything.  I’m very sentimental and also get worried a lot that I’ll chuck something out and then need it later.  Because of this, my bedroom is a tiny kind of hobbit’s den.  With its slanted ceiling and box shape, along with so much of my stuff, it can get very cramped, but I prefer to think of it as ‘homely’! 
I’ll leave you with some pictures of the good parts of my room (the tidy parts) so you can get a feel for the atmosphere!
STORAGE 2room tour 4
As you can see I have A LOT of stuff on my desk!  My desk is from the 18th century and I ADORE it!  It was a present from my parents, who got it on ebay!  It has lots of drawers (and also a secret compartment). 

room tour 6
This is where you can see the full extent of my hoarding!  I love keep old dried up roses given to me (by past lovers, my parents etc), empty beer bottles from good times, a few little ornaments and a perfume bottle I picked up from Morrocco a few years back.

room tour 5
My nail polish rack, also from eBay.  I have a lot more polishes but these are the ones I like having on display.
I got these two suitcases from a  shop in Romford called Home Sense.  They are filled with products I need to review!

I have a little cubby hole in my wall where I keep some more makeup storage.  Sorry about how messy the above is!

So there are a few pictures!  I haven’t shown you my little bookcase, photo wall or where I keep all of my perfumes but I will do maybe at a later date!  I hope you’ve enjoyed a little sneak peek into my little bedroom!
What’s your bedroom like? Do you hate throwing things away too or are you tidy and organised?


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