Hairstyles: Fishtail plait & goody buns!

I am normally pretty boring with my hair; I always wear it down because its pretty long and it gets kinky if I wear it up. However recently I’ve been wanting to be more adventurous with my hair – I’ve been wearing plaits and high buns and pony tails and I’ve enjoyed wearing my hair differently.  So I’ve filmed two, yes two, short ‘how to’ hair tutorials!


The first is a fishtail side plait which is very ‘in’ at the moment.  Its super easy to do but does take some practise.  I hope I’m understandable in this video – I had to film it a few times and was getting aggy at myself for it not looking right!

The second film below shows you how to do two buns (neat and messy), with the Goody Simple Styles ‘Spin Pins’ which you can see a review of here.  Many of you asked to see how they actually work and how to actually use them so I hope this short video helps!  (Please ignore my under-eye bags in this video!)

I hope you enjoy these films!  I’ve quite enjoyed doing hair tutorials so if you give me some ideas of more then I’ll be more than happy to give it a try.  And if you try any of these looks yourself  then do let me know/show me a photograph, I’d love to see :D

What’s your favourite hairstyle to do?  Tempted to get the spin pins now?



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