New Cid Cosmetics Reviews!

I was recently introduced to the New Cid range and I haven’t looked back since.  I think they might just be my new favourite makeup brand!  Read on to see why.


i-glow (Shimmery blush) in Coral Crush


When I first starting seeing this on blogs I fell in love.  I knew I needed it in my life and I absolutely adore having it in my possession.  Its absolutely stunning and just perfect for all year round!  Its a shimmery rose gold blush with golden veins running through it which gives you the most beautiful glow.  I’m ill at the moment (I have a cold) but I’ve been wearing this daily and it’s really putting the life back into my dull face.  The compact is handy as it has a big mirror inside.  I just love this blush, it retails at £24, which is pricey but I suspect its going to last forever as its domed shaped and I haven’t even made a dent it yet.  Its also nice and pigmented so you don’t need to use lots!

i-smoulder (Smokey eye pencil and shadow) in Ember


Seriously now, New Cid have got it going on.  This product is just GENIUS!  So it has a kohl pencil on one side (shaped skinny one side and thick the other as you can see in the photographs above – perfect for achieving thick or precise lines, see swatches for proof).  And then an eyeshadow on the other end, already on a sponge for easy application!  What more can you ask for!!!?  There is a pressed eyeshadow powder in the lid of the sponged side so that every time you close it and open it, its ready to go and coated with shadow. 

These smoulder pens come in ten different shades, ranging from silvers to purples to blue.  What I love doing is applying the shadow all over my top lid, then lining my eyes with the pencil.  You can even apply the pencil and then smudge the shadow over the top for a gorgeous and easy smokey look.  £17.50 – great investment I think, especially for when your travelling, you don’t have to carry around multiple products.

i-flick (Double ended liquid and kohl liner)


Why isn’t every makeup brand doing this?!  Another genius product, a liquid and kohl liner in one, pretty self explanatory but incredible for someone like me who uses both liquid and pencil eyeliner daily.  This has really helped me narrow down my makeup bag when out and about.  The liquid side has a felt tip like nib, but better because its moveable so it allows you to easily line and follow the shape of your eye (if that makes sense?).  £18.50 and only available in black I believe. 

i-groom (Eyebrow grooming pencil)


My new favourite eyebrow grooming product.  This has a eyebrow pencil on one side and a grooming brush on the other.  Normally I just pencil my brows in and always forget to comb them because I can’t be bothered digging the comb out, but with this it makes it so easy as they are together.  This only comes in ONE shade (Neutral), and it apparently matches everyone!  I think this is true – my eyebrows are really dark and it still fills them in perfectly.  The pencil has a waxy texture so your brows stay in place all day and its very gentle so its almost impossible to over do it with this, but easy to build up.  Again, a slanted pencil so that you can achieve thick or skinny lines.  £15.50.

i-gloss (Light up gloss with mirror) (shade Honey Pot).


I think this may be the prettiest lipgloss I own.  I have the shade ‘Honey Pot’ which is absolutely perfect for everyday use because its neutral but with gorgeous gold shimmer undertones to it.  The applicator is a brush instead of a sponge which is fab and the brush also lights up when you apply it for easy application (you can see the lights in the photograph above!).  The case also has a mirror on the side.  I’ve been trialling this on top of every lipstick I own and it suits them all. £16.

(will review primer in a separate post!)

What I think: If you can’t tell by all my gushing I am now a complete New Cid Cosmetic fan, I honestly can’t find any faults with any of the products I have tried. 

The fact that they are all perfect for use on the go is just perfect (especially for me who travels between my flat in London & my family home in Essex every week).  The prices may look a bit expensive at first, but if you think about it you’d probably pay £10 for an eyeshadow and £6 for a kohl pencil anyway.

Are you eyeing any of these products up?  What’s your favourite ‘on-the-go’ product?



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