5 Outfits!

I’ve taken so many outfits posts recently and so I decided to put them all into one post instead of separate ones.  I did cut my fringe in-between these posts because it was getting a bit long and annoying, especially since the season of hayfever is upon us – don’t want a heavy fringe irritating my eyes AND my roots were done in between!  Anyway, here they are!



Top – H&M, Black Skirt – Vestry, Tights – Primark, Nail Polish – NuBar Palau Coral

I have an addiction to buying tops like this one, very thin fabric, kinda baggy, in grey colours and slightly cropped at the bottom.  This was only £6.99 from H&M and they had quite a few colours so I’d quite like to get some more.  Perfect for throwing over a bikini on holiday!



Shift Dress – Primark, Belt – New Look, Tights – Primark, Lipstick – Toxic Tale & Morange MAC lipsticks, Nail Varnish – Stargazer.

I wore this to go to The Royal Albert hall a few weeks ago to see Alex Zane do some stand up comedy (he was incredible – so beautifully gorgeous and hilarious.  He even started talking to me in the act and he made some really funny jokes up about my ghost hunting photographs!).  My hair here is the same one I did in my Goody Simple Styles video here.



Top – Miss Selfridge, Jeans – Topshop - petite, Black Vest top (underneath) – M&S. Nails – Kiss Nails.

Wore this to the theatre with my Mum.  My little sister works in Miss Selfridge and this is her top but I borrowed it!  Again, same sort of style as the first one in this post, sheer though, which I like.  This jeans are super skinny and have little zips down the side of each ankle which is cute.



Dress – Cult.

I wore this dress to the Nars event (followed by a night on the town with uni friends) a while back – its one of my favourite summer dresses, however I unfortunately can’t wear a bra with it otherwise I can’t breath so its a very liberating dress to wear! 



Sheer Blouse – Primark, Jeans – Miss Selfridge - petite, Black vest top – M&S

I love this blouse and I bought it a while back, but I didn’t know how to wear it (originally I thought of wearing ir over leggings, but because its quite long it looked rubbish).  Then I had the ingenious idea of tucking it into my fav pair of black jeans and it doesn’t look too bad!  I teamed it with heels for a bit of height and I felt sophisticated (I wore this to Shakespeare's Globe last night to see some comedy!).

Ins – Warmer weather,
Chai tea,
M&S chocolate peanuts (the best!),
My weekly graze box,
Having more spare time now that I’ve handed my FMP in at uni.
Outs – I DON’T WANNA LEAVE UNIIIIII! I’m going to really miss it and my friends and being a student!  Time to live in the real world. 
Installing my FMP/Degree show – I’m terrible at hanging stuff and I’m petrified of ruining my work. 

Blogs to follow –
1) Bec’s Blog - http://beclounor.blogspot.com/ One of my good mates at work has just started a blog and its great.  She’s absolutely, ridiculously beautiful as well, so go follow her!
2) 25FLondon - http://madein1985.blogspot.com/ Great blog, easy to read with perfect swatches!
3) A Vain Woman - http://avainwoman.blogspot.com/ Another fab blog with amazing clear photographs and great reviews.
4) Ghost Parties - http://www.gh0stparties.com/ Kate is adorable and does great video tutorials & outfit posts!

What are your favourite blogs?  I’m after more to read!  What’s your favourite spring outfit?



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