Colour Xtreme Hair Art Review & Photographs!

After absolutely falling in love with my baby pink & green hair extensions and how mermaid like they made my hair (in this post), I began searching for more products that could produce the same outcome, but that were a little more affordable.  Queue Colour Xtreme Hair Art sprays.  I was sent an email asking if I would like to try some and I said yes, it was just what I was looking for… but now I honestly wish I hadn’t!

As you might be able to tell looking at the photographs below, these photographs were taken before my hair cut and before my change of hair colour, read on for more details!


These coloured sprays are really easy (but messy) to use.  You use it just like a hair spray, but you can select certain strands in your hair to spray for streaks of gorgeous colour.  I decided to build up my hair colour by colour to create ‘My Little Pony’ hair.

I selected small strands of my hair, popped a piece of paper behind it so my other hair was protected from the colour, and sprayed all over.


Now, I’ve got to admit, the end result looks pretty amazing and I adore the look it left my bleached locks with.  I went out quite a few times with this look and all of my friends and work mates loved it, although I’ll admit my spraying was shoddy and I was left with quite a few uneven patches of colour in my hair – it’s not noticeable in the photographs above though.

The colour is really easy to wash out in the shower with lots of shampoo (two rinses) and warm water.  My hair wasn’t left tinted at all after I had washed it out which is good.

Then I became a bit obsessed with pink dip dye ends and decided to spray just the pink spray on to the ends of my hair, which looked fun (not great) and I’m sure you can tell from the photographs below that my hair was beginning to look quite dry at the ends.  When worn in a pony tail I looked like a troll (remember those?), which was hilarious.


I washed this out the next morning and a few days later I noticed that the ends of my hair were completely frazzled and horrid looking.  For some reason half of my hair was okay, but the other half was completely dead, dry and rough, it looked and felt like straw and it stood out like a sore thumb against my clothing.  I went ahead and got a hair cut a few days later and said goodbye to my 27 inch hair.


Now one of the main ingredients in this hair colorant is alcohol, which explains a lot and is obviously the reason that my hair died.  On the can it does say that if you have bleached your hair, you shouldn’t use this product.  Obviously it was my fault that my hair ended up like this, but I would have thought that because someone who knew the product well (and knew I had bleach blonde hair) recommended it to me, then it should be okay. 

I think these products are so much fun and look really pretty in blonde hair but I definitely won’t be purchasing or using any again.  I haven’t tried it on brunette hair so I’m not sure how well the colour will show and I’m hoping that the damage wouldn’t happen to darker hair colours, but I’m not risking it again!  These cans are available in Boots for around £4 in a variety of colours.

Have you ever used a hair colorant spray?  Has a product ever ruined your hair before?


(Please note that I was sent these products as PR samples but this does not affect my review or opinion!)


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