Glossybox for Men VIDEO Review!

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have seen me getting a little over excited about filming a youtube video over the weekend with two extra special guests.  This isn’t my usual type of video; it’s not a tutorial or my monthly favourites, but instead it’s a discussion on the Glossybox for Men, starring my lovely Father and my Sister’s boyfriend (who is practically like my brother).

I thought we’d sit down and open the new Glossybox for Men (the second one which has been sent out) and talk about what’s in it etc.  Stay tuned for bloopers at the end of the video!

Glossybox for Men Spring 2012 (2nd box)

I personally love that it has a product for each part of your body in this box – moisturizer, hand sanitizer, skincare, cologne etc.  I’m jealous of the Dr Bronner Soap and can see myself pinching it. 

Glossybox for Men Winter 2011 (1st box)

My Dad REALLY loved the YSL La Nuir de L’Homme fragrance in this box and is now converted (finally – I feel like I’ve been buying him perfumes for years to no avail!).  I have already pinched the Murad Face Mask and can’t wait to use it!

What I think – As mentioned in the video, these boxes for men make a really nice quarterly gift, especially if your man would like to use more products but is intimidated to go and browse in a shop, then this is a great idea.  Both of the Glossy Boxes for Men have been well rounded and thought out and I’m already eager to see what will be in the Summer Box! 
I’m looking forward to hearing how Luke and my Dad get on with these products and hearing their feedback after they’ve used them!

What do you think of Glossy Box for Men?  Did you like my special guests?



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