Perfect Winged Liner Technique- SO EASY & Long-Wearing

Where makeup is concerned, people generally comment BY FAR the most on three things. My foundation, my eyelashes, and my eye liner. People always want to know the easiest way to create a winged look, because let's be honest, it can be tricky. When I first started using liquid liner years ago, there is NO WAY I could have created a perfect winged look. Working with liquid liner in general can be very tricky for beginners, and something that takes some practice with more traditional formulas.
Luckily, I discovered some "pen" style liquid liners a few years back (when I first used MAC's Penultimate liner) and I was impressed at how easy they were to use. For some reason, using them really didn't "stick" with me until recently. I've been using these "pen" liners non-stop. Seriously, can't remember the last time I used any other type of liner. My favorite I've tried? By far, the Revlon Colorstay Pen.
So if you can use a marker or a pen, you can do this, I swear. Nothing tricky about it. I also am in love with the thinner (but still very pigmented), almost stain-like formulas of these. Perfect for these warmer months because they are so long-wearing.
Alright, so enough pen-liner praise.
Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a perfect winged look. Did I mention how easy this is?? Seriously. Easy as pie.


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