Nails inc Event & New Launches 2012!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to an event with Nails inc.  I do love Nails inc polishes – I think their quality and colour variety available is fab, so I was super excited to be able to attend.  Nails inc have ALOT of new limited edition collections coming out in 2012 so I thought I’d show some of them today!

Metallic Collection (released June 2012)
The Metallic Collection is absolutely stunning and I am very excited about this launch. It consists of three shades; Greenwick Park (full coverage silver glitter), Wembley (gold textured chrome) and Horseguard's Parade (a bronze textured chrome). They will be available in a gift set and will be displayed on a podium in the box. These shades are seriously stunning and so perfect for this summer, with it being the Olympics in London and all (think bronze, silver and gold medals!) and will retail at £25 for the three.


Neon Collection  (out now!)
These limited edition babies are absolutely perfect for summer this year because of how beautifully bright they all are!  They only need two coats to look perfect and they are SO neon that they glow under a UVA light (great for parties!).  Colours are - Kensington Park Road (neon blue), Holland Park (neon purple), Notting Hill Gate (neon pink), Portobello (neon coral orange), Westbourne Grove (neon yellow orange) and Ladbroke (neon green).

Nail Jewellery (available from April)
As y’all know, I LOVE glitter polishes – I let out a squeal of excitement when I saw these.  These polishes have a ‘revolutionary formula’ which include hand cut particles which dazzle and sparkle like ‘precious stones’.  They are simply stunning and look absolutely beautiful over the top of other polishes.  In the swatches below they are layered over Black Taxi, but the blue for example looks stunning over a layer of blue polish.
The four shades are as follows; Burlington Arcade (diamond), Piccadilly Arcade (emerald), Royal Arcade (sapphire) and Princes Arcade (pink diamond) and will retail at £11 each.

nails inc 7

Autumn Collection (available from late August)
This collection of limited edition shades are a great accompaniment to your autumn/winter wardrobe.  The box will retail at £25 for the four and includes the shades – Sloane Gardens (unique navy glitter), Chester Street (delicate nude pearl), Bruton Mews (deep forest green) and Richmond Terrace (a rich glossy plum).  I think these polishes look very mature and grungy which is always on trend in the colder months.  My favourite definitely has to be the blue glitter!


Sprinkles Collection (available from June)
My favourite LE collection out of them all!  Each polish in this collection is seriously unique and completely unlike any other polish I’ve ever seen before.  I literally can’t explain how lovely these polishes are – they only need two coats to give you stunning look.  It contains ‘mattified’ glitter particles with a background colour, leaving you with a ‘sprinkle’ like effect.  The shade I’m wearing on my nails below is called Sweets Way and is a pale blue with pastel blue, pink and white glitter.  The other shades are Sugarhouse Lane (pastel grey with monochrome glitter), Pudding Lane (teal with navy and gold glitter) and Topping Lane (Pink with fuchsia, silver and blue glitter).

nails inc 5

Other collections out this year include – Fishnet Magnetic Polishes, Neon & Nude Mini Collection (both pictured below).  I love magnetic nail polishes so I absolutely can’t wait to try out this new ‘fishnet’ magnetic pattern.  The gold shade looks absolutely stunning (I want!).  And the Nude & Neon Collection is out now and includes six mini polishes – 3 neon and 3 nude.  A great little gift I think!

nails inc 6

Fellow Bloggers Mani’s from the night!
Top row – Sophie with Burlington Arcade over a neon polish and Sabrina with Sweets Way
Bottom row – Meg with Burlington Arcade over Porchester Square and Jessica with Sweets Way!

I’ll be posting again soon with swatches from a few of these collections, so stay tuned for those!

What of these collections floats your boat?  What’s your favourite Nails inc polish?



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