Magnifibres Lash Review–before & after!

The thought of putting fibres anywhere near my eyes used to terrify me (I’m really squeamish when it comes to eye-balls & have only recently mastered using eye drops).  That was until I heard about this rather unique beauty product…
magnifibres1magnifibres2MAGNIFIBRES BEFORE AND AFTER2

I should start off by saying that I despise wearing false eyelashes; they itch, it takes ages to learn how to apply and perfect them and they are generally uncomfortable so when I heard about Magnifibres I was intrigued.  I adore having long eyelashes and have tried multiple lash growth products in the past (none with miraculous results). 
The idea of Magnifibres is that they build up a layer of ‘fibres’ for your mascara to latch onto, leaving you with long, lengthy lashes.  To use, you apply a coat of your usual mascara and whilst still wet, sweep some of the fibres straight on to your lashes.  Leave them to sit for a minute and the apply another coating of your mascara and voila – you have sultry lashes to flutter away!

It took a while to get used to these and I’ve found that some mascaras work better than others but now I adore them and use it most days!  I can also say that I’ve experienced no itching or flake-iness with these either, making them a pleasure to use!
Would you try Magnifibres? What’s your favourite lash lengthening product?


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