Simple Skincare–4 Step Regime Review!

I’ll let you into a little secret here; Simple was the first skincare brand I ever properly used.  When I got to around the age of 16, I started using a Simple Cleanser to take my eyeliner and mascara off and it always did a wonderful job.  I used it for about 3 years until I was around 19 when I started becoming a little obsessed with beauty and experimented with different products.  Simple are now promoting a new 4 step regime which every girl should use to compliment her skin type; I’ve been testing out some of the range and have picked out my favs to review for you below!


The 4 skincare regime steps are: Deep Cleanser, Polish, Treat & Protect.

Deep Cleanse –Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion: I can’t stress how much of an easy and lovely job this does of removing my eye makeup.  I simply pop some of this cream cleanser onto some cotton pads, leave them on my eyes for 15 seconds or so and then use to remove the product.  This really is kind to my skin, leaving it soft and comfortable (it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or make my eyes sting at all).

Polish – Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner: The next step in the regime is obviously to polish and tone.  I prefer this liquid toner to the wet wipes in the range as it leaves my skin feeling ultra clean and super refreshed. Again I just pour some of this onto some cotton pads and sweep over my face and neck.

Treat - Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On:  I have never tried an eye roll-on before so I was immediately drawn to this product.  Once my skin is bear, I roll this underneath my eyes and temples and it leaves me feeling seriously cool and awake.  This is a treat to use in the morning and if you’re feeling sluggish. Also in the range is an eye-makeup pen corrector which I know will be popular to many gals!

Protect – Kind To Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream:  I think it’s the change in the weather but I’m having a pretty hard time making my skin look anything other than dull and dreary recently, but this does a great job of adding more liveliness back into my face.  This is a moisturising cream (with SPF15, awesome) which contains tiny illuminating particles which adds a beautiful radiance to my skin.  I have also tried mixing a pump of this cream with my foundation which creates a gorgeous light coverage, dewy effect.

I say: Overall I really adore Simple.  I think they’ve upped their game recently by creating new unique products (such as the eye makeup corrector pen which I’m sure I’ll review on my blog soon) which are really affordable, easy to get hold of and do a great job. Thumbs up from me!

Simple say:

Start the Simple way to beautiful skin today.
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With Simple® Sense, improving the look and feel of your skin is achievable. Try it and see the results for yourself!

Have you ever tried Simple Skincare? Which product are you most drawn to?

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Simple via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Simple.


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