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Now it’s not something I jump and scream about online especially, but deep down I am a massive emo/grunge/scene kid. I think I have quite a unique music taste, ranging from Britney to Einaudi to The Smiths to Korn, for example. My whole teenage years (well, from 15-19) were spent parading around London with friends going to gigs, dancing the night away to heavy, loud music and coating my eyes in as much black eyeliner as possible.
I still listen to my old favourites (in fact I have an ‘old favs’ playlist on Spotify which you can have a look at here – KATIE'S OLD FAVOURITES PLAYLIST) and occasionally see them gig, but when my boyfriend Andrew was asked to DJ at Vans Warped Tour, my inner 15 year old made her appearance all over again!
I thought I’d write a blog post about the tour as I had the MOST incredible weekend and loved every minute of it.

Me on the half pipe
Andrew DJing during the skater demo.
Billy Talent & a skater!
bmxcoheed crowd
Coheed and Cambria.
Petrified after climbing the half pipe.
We are the Ocean!
Andrew was Dj-ing for the professional skate & BMX demos which were on the Jaegermeister stage half pipe. This meant that we had Access All Areas wristbands which we fully took advantage of; we went backstage to watch some of our favourite bands play (Billy Talent, Coheed & Cambria and my friend Jack’s band, We Are the Ocean).
Billy Talent were just incredible. I realized whilst watching them that I have actually loved them for 10 years now and know every single lyric from the first album off by heart. Coheed and Cambria similarly were massively nostalgic and it was incredible to watch them perform so up close (it was the first time I’d seen them live since I was 15).  The skaters also blew my mind. It was amazing to see people so passionate and incredible at their job/hobby (I know want to learn how to skate)!
You can watch Andrew’s vlog of the weekend here!  It’s quite a giggle and gives you a hint of what we got up to.

Andrew’s Warped Tour Vlog!

Weekend Highlights:
* Endless amounts of free jaegerbombs!
* Eating in the band canteen with my teenage heros
* Climbing to the top of the half pipe & getting stuck
* Spending quality time with my fav blue haired babe, Zoe
* Dancing to the amazing tunes Andrew played whilst watching skaters do their thang.
* Watching bands at the side of the stages
I’d like to say a massive thanks to my pretty amazing boyfriend for asking me to join him at the weekend; it could not have been any more perfect! I actually said to him on Sunday evening that I didn’t want to go back to reality.
Did you used to love a bit of rock and embrace your inner grunger?  What’s your favourite festival?


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