Kiss Ever Easy Eye Lashes

You wouldn’t believe the amount of girls (friends and customers at work) who ask me if I can apply their false eyelashes for them (I personally think I’m terrible at applying lashes on myself, let alone anyone else!  I always end up getting annoyed at myself for it not going ‘right’). 
Anyway, Kiss have recently launched their new ‘Ever EZ Eyelashes’ which I believe will have every girl applying their own false lashes easily in no time.


The things that makes these lashes so easy to apply are the tiny pieces of red strings either side of each lash strip.  These work well for two reasons – 1) you don’t get glue everywhere (all over your fingers) because you can hold onto the strings instead of the strip, and 2) you can hold the strings to guide the lash strip on your lash line, following the natural curve of your eye easily.


Once you’ve used the string to direct the lash strip onto your lash line, you simply hold onto the lashes and pull each string off (they come off super easy, no tugging is involved).  I’ll admit it does look ridiculous and feels rather uncomfortable with the strings still attached so best do this alone (although I have included a picture above so you can see what I mean!).

Once you’ve applied the lashes I always wait a few minutes, then add a tad more glue on each end of the strip and apply liquid liner over the top so that they are well disguised.  These sets include the little tube of glue which is handy.



Kiss have also made a video showing you how to apply the lashes – I watched this whilst I applied my own for the first time and so I knew exactly what to do!

I chose to wear Kiss lashes #04 out to my degree show a few weeks back and they looked superb, if I do say so myself.  #04 are long and fluttery but also quite natural looking and not too heavy which are my favourite types of lashes.  For my next night out on the town I might embrace #07 which are thicker and more dramatic!


You can pick up Kiss Ever Ez Lashes in Boots for around £6.50-£7.50 and they have a good variety of lashes to choose from.  You can re-use these eyelashes and apparently you can also re-attach the little red strings (I haven’t tried this out myself yet though!) which makes them better value for money. 
I think these beauties are a great idea and will hopefully get girls to become more confident applying false lashes – I always feel more sexy and confident in myself when wearing lashes so everyone should be able to experience this!

Have you tried these lashes with strings?  Have you got any tips for applying false eyelashes?



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