Sudocrem tube review!

I have grown up using Sudocrem for everything from burns to spots to sunburn to eczema and I absolutely love it, its a little multiuse gem.  Recently Sudocrem have released a new ‘Skin Care Cream’, rather conveniently packaged in a little tube.


The tube is 30ml and is the perfect size to pop into your bag for use on the go. 

The formula is really similar to the original sudocrem (which I was not expecting) except for the fact that it sinks into the skin really easily and doesn’t leave you greasy.  This is a huge bonus to me who likes to slather sudocrem on to all problem areas before bed (normally my bed-sheets and I would end up in a white sticky mess) where as this rubs right in and leaves me moisturized yet dry.  The image below allows you to see how well it sinks into the skin after rubbed in circular motions.


I’ve been using this on my knuckles, elbows, dry patches of eczema and sometimes as a face moisturizer and it works superbly on all.  I believe this retails at about £2 in chemists and high street pharmacies, which is fantastic value as its also quite thick so you don’t need to use too much!

Sudocrem were also offering a free ‘Bagology’ reading on their facebook page which I jumped at the chance to be a part of – I’m a sucker for all things fortune telling/tarot reading etc.   I’ve attached the photo of my bag below as well as my reading, which is scarily accurate! 

228587_10150573602910545_612580544_18082539_6625261_n bagology

How do you use Sudocrem?  Have you ever had a Bagology reading?



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