Lip Balms!

Today I am talking on the subject of lip balms!  I think every girl must have at least five lying around, I have way too many but you can never have lips soft enough in my opinion, haha!


Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm – This balm smells identical to the Palmers Cocoa Body Lotion, which is absolutely gorgeous.  Really moisturizing and smells like chocolate.

The Body Shop Shea Lip Care Stick – This is one of my favourite lip balms but I think it may have been discontinued in TBS; it was always sold in a pack of two and the proceeds when to charity, so I’ll try and find out if we’re getting any back in stock.  This just smells delicious, nicer than the actual Shea Body Butter in my opinion and is just so silky and nourishing on my lips.

Cherry ChapStick – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a chapstick.  I used these all through my schools years (especially that tingly minty one) and I’ve been using the cherry one for the past few years.  I don’t feel like this particular one is particularly helping my lips, just feels like its putting a seal on top instead of actually restoring moisture, but it smells and tastes gorgeous so I don’t mind.  The balm itself is pink but goes on clear.

The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm – Sometimes I open this just to smell it, it smells AMAZING and always makes my mouth water.  Smells really similar to Strawberry Hubba Bubba or something along those lines.  I actually really like this lip balm and I especially like to wear this over lipsticks as it gives them a clear sheen as well as putting some moisture back if the lipstick your using is quite dry.  Also you get quite a good sized pot for just £2 which I think is good!

The Body Shop LE Cranberry Joy Lip Balm – This was released along with 2010’s Christmas Cranberry range.  The year before these balms where glossy (which I loved), but this one is more of a cream, which is more moisturizing but means you can’t wear it out as it makes your lips white!  I like to layer this on before bed so no one see’s me wearing it, but so I wake up with soft lips!

Living Nature Manuka Honey Lip Balm – I love anything with honey in it, so I love this lipbalm.  I like the packaging – simple but stylish and the balm itself is lovely.  Its very light, almost like water and not heavy or tacky on the lips, so its perfect to wear at any time of the day, or year.  Again, I like to apply a dab of this on top of lipstick.  It also contains shea and other natural oils and works to seal in moisture to prevent drying or cracking lips, and its in fact made of 100% natural preservatives!  Thumbs up from me. 

The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care – I also really like this balm and its actually quite similar to the Living Nature balm (in price, packaging and formula) although this one is slightly more heavy and tacky, but I still like it.  This is great for sensitive skin and doesn’t have a fragrance. 

Ted Baker Lip Gloss – Definitely more of a lip gloss but I decided to include it here anyway.  This is clear but super tacky so I don’t wear it often, but it does have a great minty, tingly smell/taste.  I like the packaging but its way to sticky for everyday use for me!

Carmex – I LOVE the smell and taste of Carmex Cherry.  I much prefer the squeezey tube to the little pot as its more hygienic .  This works really well on chapped lips, love it!

What’s your favourite lip balm?  Favourite lip balm flavour?



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