Max Factor’s Olympic Look!

Last month I was invited to a special event with Caroline Barnes and Max Factor to preview the OFFICIAL look that the women Great British Olympians will wear throughout the Olympics in London this Summer.
“The ‘Sports Chic' make-up look will be worn by all female volunteers, medal bearers and escorts to the athlete and presenters during the 805 victory ceremonies at the 2012 Games, where athletes are presented with their medals”.

I wanted to show you step by step with my own photographs of Caroline applying the makeup, so that you can try it yourself at home (and see how I got on creating the look myself!).


STEP 1 – Caroline used three products to complete the base.  First, she applied the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation using a foundation brush.  To cover any blemishes or imperfections, Caroline used the Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation and blended them into the specific areas (this works great as both foundation and concealer). To finish the base, the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Copper was dabbed on the cheeks and blended lightly outwards towards the hairline.

STEP 2 – Caroline used the Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel to lightly fill in the brows.  This eyebrow pencil has a brush on the lid so you can also gently comb through the brows after filling them in, to keep them in perfect shape.

max factor eyes2 2

STEP 3 – Using the Max Colour Effect Trio Eye-shadow in Coco Crazy, Caroline swept the cream shadow all over the eye lid, creating a good base for the rest of the eye and to open the eyes up. 

STEP 4 – Using the darker shade, Caroline used a cotton bud and swept it underneath the lower lash line.  This gives the subtlest smokey look and makes the simple look become quite sultry.

STEP 5 – Using a blender brush, she blended the darker eye shadow just above the crease line on the top of the eyelid, creating an almond shaped eye.  She joined this shadow up with the lower lash line to really extend the eye.

max factor eyes3

STEP 6 – Using the Liquid Effect Pencil in Violet Voltage, Caroline lightly smudged the kohl into the top lash line.  She started the line in the middle of the eye and extended it out slightly to carry on emphasizing the almond shaped eye.

STEP 7 – Finally, apply mascara.  Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Mascara was used here after curling to complete the look.  You can also apply some lipgloss at this point as well!

My take on the look -
At the event we had the opportunity to try the Olympic look on ourselves.  We didn’t have much time, around 15 minutes so I took off all of my base and used the foundation and cream to make my skin look flawless (seriously impressed with these products by the way – the colour of the foundations match my skin perfectly, for once! Full review coming soon).  I then used the eye shadows to go over the eyeshadow I was previously wearing and finished with a coat of mascara, lip gloss and the cream blush!

I really love this look and how simple, yet effective it is.  I think it is a great idea that the Great British team have a look that represents them and I love that women and girls all over the country can try this look out also!  What’s best is that Max Factor is all relatively affordable and really accessible, meaning that you can pick them up from any Boots or Superdrug on the high street!

What do you think of the ‘Sports Chic’ Olympic look?  Will you be trying this out?



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