Famous Cosmetics ‘First Date’ Blush Review!

I love blushers, but definitely go through phases of wearing them.  I’m also that type of girl that when I find a blusher that I love, I wear it constantly, non-stop, and can’t get enough of it.  Well, when this arrived for me at home I was going through a no blusher stage, until I laid eyes on this that is!
famous cosmetics blusherfamous first date blusherBLUSHER (I overexposed the photograph above slightly, sorry!  But you can still kind of see the colour of the blush on my cheeks!)
This Famous First Date Blusher in ‘Penelope’ is exactly my kind of colour.  I love matte pink shades that include a hint of brown as I find they really compliment my pale skin and help to emphasize my cheek bones as well as add a natural flush of colour to my cheeks.  As soon as I saw this colour in the pan I knew I was going to love it and I really do.  The texture is perfect, lovely and smooth and it is also pigmented so you don’t need to use to much to achieve the perfect amount of colour. 
I am super impressed with this product and will definitely be running to a Superdrug store soon to check out the other colours in the range.  The First Date Blushers retail at £4.99 and are available online here and in Superdrug stores nationwide!

Have you tried anything for the Famous range?  What is your favourite natural blusher?


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