Pale Foundations Swatches and Reviews, PART #1!

Hi everyone!  I know that a lot of people that read my blog find it hard finding pale foundations, much like I do!  So I decided to film a video and take some photographs of some of my favourite pale foundations that I have discovered over the past few years.  There will be a part 2 to this video as I forgot some of my other favourites (and am also currently trying out some brand new ones) but I hope this helps at the moment!


In the video below I explain why I love these foundations and at the end of the video I show you close ups of the packaging and swatch them on my hand to show you what they look like against my pale skin!


MAC’s Full Coverage Foundation in NC15
– You can read my full review of this foundation here.  It is one of my absolute favs just becaue the coverage is incredible and because it’s extremely easy to use and the perfect colour for pale skin (so perfect that you can hardly see it in the swatches above)!

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation in Porcelain #15 – Full review here.  Another of my favourites, I have been through about four bottles of this in the past few years.  The formula and coverage are lovely and it’s proper pale.  I know I can rely on this foundation to match my skin perfectly and cover any blemishes.

Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation in LF115 and LF 140 – This foundation in LF115 is the palest foundation in this post and the lightest in coverage.  I love that Illamasqua cater for all skin colours – they even do a white foundation!  I prefer a bit more coverage with foundation so I like to use a concealer as well when I wear this but it does a good job of even-ning skin tone out.  The LF140 is a little too dark for me (and way too orange as you can see above) but I included it anyway as it is still quite pale.

RMK Light Liquid Foundation in 201 – The formula of this foundation is incredible; it is a creamy liquid foundation but it dries as a cream leaving you with the most flawless matte base.  The colour is slightly too dark but I still wear this in the summer or on days when I feel I need heavier coverage.

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in Fair #100 – I did not expect Max Factor foundations to suit my skin tone at all but they are actually pretty ideal!  This foundation is a light liquid foundation and works brilliantly when used as a base for the foundation below!

Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation in Creamy Ivory #40 – LOVE this, this cream foundation is so silky it just glides on the skin, making it perfect to conceal blemishes and dark circles.  I do however find it best to apply with a buffing blush (like the real techniques one) rather than the sponge that comes with it, or with your fingers!

I really hopes this helps some of you ghosts out there!  Stay tuned for part 2 which will include foundations by Revlon and Sleek, and BB creams by GOSH and Sleek!

What is your favourite pale foundation?  Have you used any of the ones I’ve mentioned here?



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