What I use: Hair Products (Part 1)

Hey everyone!  I have decided to start filming a lot more videos recently and this is my newest!  Although I have reviewed a few hair products recently, I thought I’d update you on my actual hair routine and what products I use to keep my bleached hair soft and manageable.  The first part is shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils and the second part will be styling products such as styling gels, creams and sprays etc. 

Why does YouTube always choose the worst cover photo? Ha!


Ojon Dry Reverse Shampoo & Conditioner – This shampoo & conditioner duo have been my ‘go-to’ products whenever I have washed my hair over the past three weeks.  They make my hair really easy to comb through and they leave my locks feeling soft.  The smell isn’t the most attractive (they whole Ojon range has quite a strong, woody, musky scent, but it doesn’t put me off!).

Kevin Murphy Born Again Shampoo & Masque – If my hair is in dire need of some moisture, I can always rely on this duo to restore my hair to its best condition.  Both products are extremely expensive (I always ask for them as a birthday or Christmas gift) but they really do work.  The masque in particular is divine and leaves my hair feeling like silk!

Clynol Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner – This range smells SO GOOD I can’t explain.  I use these products for a couple of weeks after I get my roots done and they stop the colour fading too much and make my hair smell gorgeous. 

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Mask – I’ve used this mask twice in the past week to keep my hair soft and manageable.  Like all TRESemme products, this is a really affordable product which smells lovely.  After shampooing and conditioning, I will then scoop out some of this products and will smooth it all through the tips of my hair, wait five minutes and then comb it through.  My hair is instantly detangled and feels really silky once the product is rinsed out. 

Ojon Damage Reverse Mask – I use this as an overnight deep treatment once a fortnight when I get the time.  To use this, you scrape out some of the hard oil, rub it together in your hands until it becomes a greasy oil, smother it all over your dry hair (concentrating on the tips) and then comb through.  I then wrap my hair in a towel turban and sleep with it in overnight.  The following morning I comb through once again and rinse out and voila, a soft barnet!

Schwarzkopf BC Hair Oil Light Finishing Treatment – I mentioned this in my November 2011 favourites and am still in love with it now and I was back then.  After washing, I will towel dry my hair and then apply this to the tips and then brush through.  I find this to be an amazing detangler and so it has replaced any other product I use for detangling my hair after washing.  This smells nice as well, reminds me a little of baby talc powder.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil – I have only been using this for a few weeks but I can already tell that it is doing wonders to my hair in terms of keeping it soft and manageable.  I use this exactly the same way that I use the Schwarzkopf hair oil and it, again, helps to detangle my hair and keep it shiny!

I’ve actually really enjoyed writing this post and I hope some of you find it helpful!  Stay tuned for part two!

What are your favourite shampoos & conditioners?  Do you use hair masks and oils?



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