Nioxin Hair System Kit Review!

Does anyone remember this post were I had a new Scalp Dermabrasion Treatment with Nioxin?  Well, I’m back to share with you my thoughts on the ‘at home’ products after using them for a month!  I’ll start off by saying that as a beauty blogger having a thirst for trying out new products, I find it hard to stick to using just one set of products, especially when it comes to hair care.  BUT, I stuck to my challenge of using Nioxin products for a whole month and you can read on to hear my thoughts below!


Cleanser Shampoo – The first few times I used this I didn’t like it much at all – I felt like it left my hair quite dry after rinsing it out and wasn’t convinced.  However, after two weeks of using this every time I washed my hair I grew to quite like it.  I think the reason it left my hair quite dry feeling was because it was deeply cleansing my scalp and hair and removing all residues and left over products.  This shampoo has a minty fragrance which helped with making my hair feel squeaky clean.

Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner – Again, like the shampoo I wasn’t convinced at first.  Because the shampoo was quite drying, I felt like I needed a really intense conditioner to help put the moisture back in.  I found that the best way to condition my hair using this product was to apply it literally from your roots to your tip.  Normally, I would just apply a conditioner to the tips/ends of my hair, but because this conditioner is so lightweight then applying it all over works really well.

Hair Masque – I love this hair masque and used it once or twice a week depending on how dry my hair was feeling.  After washing my hair with the shampoo, I combed this mask through my hair from roots to about half way up my hair.  I leave it on for 5-10 mins and then rinse out and it leaves my hair really soft and manageable.

Scalp Treatment Spray – This was the part I was most anxious about trying.  This includes peppermint oil along with extra antioxidants and botanicals to help encourage hair thickness and to stimulate the scalp.  It was explained to me that you need to spray this on your scalp after washing your hair, but only after towel drying, as if your scalp is wet then you might feel a bit of tingling as the product gets to work.  I will be honest and say I was petrified of the pain that was explained to me, BUT after a whole month of using it, having towel dried my hair I haven’t felt any pain or tingling sensations at all.  I spritz this into my roots, massage it about a bit and then leave my hair to towel dry naturally, or blow dry it!

What I think – I definitely think you need to use these continuously over a long period of time to start feeling and noticing differences it makes to your hair.  After using these products for a month my hair feels stronger and definitely a little thicker.  I think the reason it feels thick is because it has been stripped of all residues and grease and therefore is a little drier than usual and therefore feels stronger.  I feel like my hair is a lot easier to style now (in a high bun or plait) because I have more of a texture to work with.  My Mother plaited my hair last weekend and even commented on how she thought it felt thicker! 

I don’t have ‘before and after pictures’ as such, but decided to include a few photographs of my hair over the past month – I’ve been curling my hair quite a lot and also wearing a lot of high buns (as they’re much easier to do know my hair is a little thicker and has more texture)! (Also included a sneaky pic of the new man, ain’t he gorgeous!).

This three step system is available for 6 different hair types, from coarse, too thin hair so there is a set available for everyone. I used set #5 which is designed for coarse, chemically damaged hair.  The three part system retails for £27.99 and the mask for £16.99.  You can purchase them online and view their stockists here!

Would you be interested in using Nioxin? 

Please note this is a sponsored post!


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