NEW Benefit for Sephora Kits!

Benefit, you get me every time.
With your cutesy retro fun packaging and the yummy-smelling products.
Every. Single. Time.

But the products have actually been a long-time love of mine. I would consider Benefit to be one of my first cosmetic obsessions.  Sure they're fun and all, but the quality is great too which is obviously the most important thing. Especially the boxed powders.
I remember my first one, Dandelion.  It was love.  So when I saw that Benefit had started to create other products based on their much-loved boxed powders, they got me again.
Which reminds me that I need to get around to posting swatches of the new Ultra Plush lip glosses based on the boxed powders.  Look for that soon.

These new kits I'm giving you a little peek of here will be exclusively sold at Sephora. The first two, Sugarlicious and Go Tropicoral are created around two of those famous boxed powders, Sugarbomb and CORALista.  Those kits are $28.  There is also one based on Dandelion called Feelin' Dandy, which I don't have. The other is one of their new Complexion Kits. They come in 3 shades- Light, Medium, & Deep and will be exclusive to Sephora also.  Those are $30. All of the kits will be available in August.

K, so enough chit-chat... Here's the eye candy.


 kit contains:
 Benetint (cheek & lip stain), High Beam (highlighting liquid), Sugarbomb (face powder), Ultra Plush Sugarbomb lipgloss

I love the little "Tips & Tricks" booklet that closes around the mirror of each kit
The shades are pretty subtle in this one- (l-r) Benetint, High Beam, Sugarbomb powder

Sugarbomb Ultra Plush lip gloss

 Go Tropicoral

kit contains: Chachatint (lip & cheek stain), High Beam (liquid highlighter), CORALista (face powder), Ultra Plush lip gloss in CORALista
(l-r) Chachatint, High Beam, CORALista powder

CORALista Ultra Plush lip gloss

 "How to Look the Best at Everything" Complexion Kit in Medium
(personally, the powder is a bit too dark for me, so my shade in this kit would be Light)

As with the previous kits, this one also has a helpful "Tips & Tricks" booklet around the mirror
kit contains: The POREfessional (primer), Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow (brightening liquid foundation), Boi-ing (shade 03 & 04 concealer), Hello Flawless (finishing powder)

For some reason, I found it exciting that the concealers snapped out...

 I've got to say, I'm partial to the Tropicoral kit. Perfect for Summer.
I also love the concept of the Complexion Kits, however, I'll probably purchase the Light one when they come out.
So what do you guys think? Which kits are your favorites? Do tell...


Products provided by Benefit for consideration with no agreements or obligations to feature on my blog or videos.


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