Garnier Ambre Solaire with Lorraine Kelly

When an invite to an ‘intimate lunch’ with Lorraine Kelly & Garnier Ambre Soliat popped up in my inbox, I immediately cleared any plans I had that lunchtime so I could meet her and talk sun-cream with her!  The lunch was held in the Corinthian hotel in London (very swanky) and after settled down with some orange juice, the conversation started flowing!


Lorraine is currently promoting Garnier Ambre Solaire’s ‘Measure your ML’s’ campaign.  After research, Garnier have noticed that people just aren’t applying enough sun cream on holiday to actually work.  The recommend amount to completely protect yourself in the sun, is 6mls, any less and it won’t be doing it’s job properly.

Because of this you need a good suncream which provides you with the UVA & UVB protection that your body needs, but also a product which sinks in quickly and clearly, smells good and doesn’t leave you sticky.  When I went to Marrakech, Morrocco last year, Ambre Solait were the only sun creams I took with me (a SPF 50 & a SPF 30) and they really did the job.

Garnier have bought out a few new sun care products this summer and I’ve been trying a few and know for a fact that I will now use them for years to come.  Firstly, the Golden Protect SPF 30 cream is absolutely incredible and I can tell you now that if you try it, you will love it.  This sun cream contains a luminous, golden shimmer so you can still look fashionable and even sexy whilst applying sun cream and staying protected.

I usually use the spray format of sun creams on holiday just because they are easier, and this year Garnier have bought out a Clear Protect High SPF - Very Water Resistant Spray, which is also transparent and clear so you need not worry about looking like a white ghost when applying SPF. 

Finally, there are a few After Suns available.  Photographed above is the 24-hour Moisturizing Soothing Gel with Aloe Vera, but there is also the Hydrating Tan Maintainer (not pictured!), which firstly smells incredible and contains a very low level of self tan which will help you maintain your summer glow.

What is your favourite sun cream range?  How much sun cream do you usually take on holiday?

P.S I can’t express enough how important sun cream is – For the past few years I have been using sun cream daily (especially on my face) even in the winter.  Two years ago I started noticing that one side of my face (the left side) has slightly more wrinkles and looks a little more haggard than the other side.  That is because for my whole life, I have sat on the left side in the family car (on school trips and on holidays) – meaning that side of my face has always been closest to the window and therefore has been exposed to more sun rays. 
Please also read this article – you will not believe it!  Please everyone say safe in the sun this summer – having healthy, young, wrinkle free skin is so much better than just having a tan for one summer.



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