MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick Review & Swatches

I am always on the hunt for gorgeous natural pink lipsticks (even though I have found two which are absolutely perfect for me – Estee Lauder’s Crystal Baby & Sleek’s Barely There).  Even so, after browsing MAC lipstick swatches online I decided that Kinda Sexy looked absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to try it.



Kinda sexy has a matte finish which I actually find quite hard to pull off.  All of my favourite MAC lipsticks are either Cremesheens or Amplified Cremes which are much easier to wear as they are a little more moisturizing.  As this is a matte shade, it really does stick to any dry patches of skin on your lips and enhances them, so make sure you scrub and moisturize your lips before hand.

The colour itself is gorgeous, a natural warm pink, but I find it is a little too dark for a natural lipstick on my pale skin.  I imagine this would look at incredible on tanned or Asian skin tones, but for me, I feel like I look like a Pamela Anderson wannabe (with her brown lip liner and lipstick) but not in a good way (see below)! 

pam anderson lipstick
(Pam Anderson pics from here and here)

Okay, that example may be a bit too extreme, but still, I would adore this shade on me, if it was a little lighter!  I do still love this lipstick and whenever I see people wearing it I always think it looks gorgeous, but I wish it suited me a little more (I will keep trying though, I am determined to make this suit me!).

Do you like MAC’s matte lipsticks?  What is your favourite matte lippie?



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