Color Me Pink

Little update: 
You may remember in my last post about our powder room redo (check that out here), I mentioned re-painting our faux-finished gold-marbelized foyer soon. 
Yeah, well that is happening. Today. And yesterday actually. Turns out, painting a two-story foyer and the adjacent hallways upstairs and down was a bit of a job. For a while, I was totally convinced I could do it myself with a large ladder and a good paint roller, but then I came to my senses and decided it was time to hire out for this job. 
Thankfully I've been able to corral Waylon (and myself) in the basement. Because let's face it- An 80-pound shedding machine with a tail that sweeps into everything doesn't exactly mix well with freshly-painted walls. Or strangers (to him) coming in and out of the house.
So we've been hanging out down here. I've been working and watching Revenge on Netflix (HOLY goodness... how I had not gotten into that show before is beyond me).  

But beyond Revenge, these new babies have been a complete ray of sunshine during this rainy weather, basement-bound few days. I was SO excited when I got this new collection from L'Oreal to share with you all. Picture me swatched in a million shades of pink. Seriously, I've never seen this many shades of pink in one collection before. Super gorgeous and all the colors are totally wearable and flattering.

Not to mention the Color Riche Le Gloss is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Ok, before I get ahead of myself, let's talk about the Color Riche Lipcolor first.
This collection features 8 shades of beautiful and wearable pink. I LOVE the great range of these. Some darker and closer to red (but still unmistakably pink), some a little more fuchsia and bright, and some a little lighter.  
CRAZY color payoff and great quality.

Colour Riche Lipcolor- $8.95 each

Wisteria Rose, Pink Flamingo, Ballerina Shoes, Everbloom, Raspberry Flush, Fresh as a Rose, 
I Pink You're Cute, Miss Magenta

My favorites out of these are "Pink Flamingo", "I Pink You're Cute", and "Miss Magenta".
These are fast becoming some of my favorite lipsticks at the drugstore. I've loved these for years- Long before my YouTube days, however, I haven't picked up any in a while. I have a feeling that is definitely going to change. 
Only downside to these (for some) is the scent. The scent is VERY floral and reminds me of my younger makeup days. One of the first lipsticks I ever really loved was a L'Oreal Color Riche Lipcolor in a very light, iridescent shade. So I always remember the scent. It's very distinct. Very floral.

OOOOOh, these next glosses are really amazing. Never seen more beautifully pigmented glosses than these...

Colour Riche Le Gloss- $7.95 each

Florid Pink, Raspberry Pink, Rosy Demeanor, Pucker Up Pink, Berry Chic

I wasn't kidding about the super-pigmented part. They're really long-lasting too for a gloss. Oh, and they have the sweetest cotton candy scent/flavor. "Raspberry Pink" and "Berry Chic" are my absolute favorites.

So it's no secret that I really love the L'Oreal nail polishes. They make some of my very favorite go-to shades.  So these got me all warm n' fuzzy inside.

Colour Riche Nail- $5.99 each
taste of romance, pink attitude, hella pink, sugary sweet, rosy macaron, berry jealous!

So I've tried all the lip products when I was swatching and if you can't tell already tell, I'm impressed. As for the nail colors, I haven't used any of these particular ones, but you'd better believe some of these are going on my nails next! Eyeing either "hella pink" or "rosy macaron".  Keep your eyes open on my Instagram (follow me if you don't!) to see what I choose next!

Products were provided for consideration by L'Oreal without any agreements or obligations to feature or review. All opinions are 100% genuine, as always.


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