Fiddle Leaf Fig in the Foyer

Squeezing in one more post before the weekend! I'm so excited about my new Fiddle Leaf Fig tree that this one couldn't wait until Monday.

Tonight, Brad and I went to dinner and to search for a banana plant to go in the foyer. You guys may remember in my recent Foyer Re-do post (check that out here if you missed it), that I mentioned possibly picking one up this weekend.  I've been wanting a fiddle leaf fig for the longest time, but pretty much gave up on it since I've heard they're really hard to find.  So we went to Lowes and the pickins were slim. They had one really sad looking banana plant. So we went to Home Depot to hopefully find a better banana plant and lo and behold... they had 4 fiddle leaf figs! You better believe I scooped that baby up as fast as I could. Brad was cracking up at how excited I was about this "fiddly" tree.  The one we snagged is in pretty good shape. The other three were really sad looking and brown in a lot of spots.
I got the tree for $34 and picked up this beautiful pot for $45. It was a splurge, but the pot is almost as gorgeous as the tree.

I really love the look of it against the black French doors, (for more info on how I painted those, check out this post), but I'm a little worried about it being that close to the air vent. Don't want the leafy guy getting chilly. The issue with it being on the other side is that there is a closet door that would open up against it (the French doors swing into the living room/office, so that's not an issue on the side it's currently on). So I'm going to see how he does (yes, he's a "he") next to the vent for a while.  Other than that, it should be the perfect place for him because this room gets a ton of light.  We shall see...

So do any of you have a fiddle leaf fig? Any tips? Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!


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