June Favourites Video & Post!

I went through my stash and pulled together 6 products which I’ve been using a lot obsessively over the past month!  I also filmed a video explaining just why I love these products, but had a bit of a wobbly half way through filming!  Have a watch if you fancy a giggle!


June Favourites!


Kiko Glow Touch Lip and Cheeks in Ginger Touch – This has become my go-to lip product for daily use.  It’s a stunning ginger pink/peach cream which is super pigmented yet mosisturizing at the same time, which can be used on both lips and cheeks.  It also smells delicious and is just the most perfect summer shade.  I adore it apart from that fact that it’s really difficult to open!

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner in Flash – You all know how much I adore multipurpose products and this is one of my new recent favourites.  This pencil eyeliner is a super shimmery pink which works beautifully as a highlighter.  I’ve been using this on the inner corners of my eyes to open them up, above my cupids bow, underneath my brow bone and even on my cheeks as a highlighter.  I really recommend this – it’s cheap and stunning.

MAC Blusher in Melba – I’ve worn this blusher almost every single day in June and I adore it.  It’s a peachy pink blush which really warms up my complexion and makes me look healthy.  It also compliments the Kiko lip cream perfectly.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri  Speed Dry Drops – For a beauty blogger – I am terrible at painting my nails.  They always smudge as soon as I do them (I’m quite impatient and fidgety).  I spotted this on Makeup Savvy’s blog and purchased it straight after, on eBay for around £4.  Simply pop a drop of this on each nail after painting and it halves the drying time. 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – After using up a sample tube of this, I decided that I needed to get my hands on a full size tub.  This stuff it gold dust to me, it leaves my hair incredibly soft and manageable compared to the matted mess that is usually my hair.  Full review of this coming soon!

Eysilix – The skin around my eyes have been sensitive throughout July because I have horrendous hayfever (need to stop rubbing them!).  I’ve been using Eysilix morning and evening around my eye area which soothes it somewhat, but also makes me feel happy that I’m doing my bit to stop fine lines/dark circles etc!

Favourite songs:

I’ve had two bands that I’ve been loving in July.  The first is Aluna George.  A boy made me a mixtape (I’m one for good old fashioned romance) with one of their tunes on and I feel in love with it and am now obsessed with all their songs.  I urge you to listen to them, I have a feeling they’ll get big!
Second is Rudimental… sounds like proper chavvy music but I really like it.  The songs are tuneful and instantly catchy.

What have been your favourite products in July?  Recommend me some new music?



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