How to wash makeup brushes!

I love being nosey when it comes to make-up hygiene (and am quite OCD when it comes to makeup – sharing especially) so I thought I’d let you guys know how I clean my makeup brushes and what I use to do so! 

how to wawsh makeup brushes
how to wash makeup brushes 2
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I like to use a couple of different products to wash my brushes.  Baby shampoo is a great choice as it’s very gentle on the hairs and not packed full of bad ingredients, but more recently I’ve been using Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap as it’s a great organic product without preservatives, with lots of uses!  It’s gentle enough to be used on brushes and foams up nicely getting rid of all dirt and grime.

I start off by wetting the brush hairs a little under the tap, being sure not to get the handle too wet (this could damage the brushes).  I then pour a little of the magic soap (or baby shampoo) onto either my hand or the brush hairs, and swirl it around in my hand to get rid of the dirt.  Depending on the type of brush and what you use it for, it may take a couple of rinses with the soap and water before it runs clear.  I should also say it is really satisfying seeing all the colourful grime that comes out of the brushes (gross, ha!). 

After cleaning with the magic soap, I also like to give each brush (especially the face brushes) and quick clean with my current face wash.  As I am acne prone I have to be careful about what I use on my face so I feel like giving them a final once-over with my face wash helps to prevent breakouts!
Once the water runs clear and the hairs look their normal colour, lay them down on a towel or tissue and leave to dry naturally.  Never leave them standing up to dry whilst wet as the water can trickle down to the handle and damage the brush.

I like to wash my brushes every couple of weeks and I find just before bed is the best time, as then I can leave them to dry over night so they are ready for use the next morning!

Also – for quick in between washes, I just use a little spritz of Clinique’s Brush Cleaner (or a little one I have from Sephora).  This is great if I’ve used a really dark messy colour or gel eyeliner, as it gets the majority of the product out in a few spritzes whilst wiping on a piece of tissue!

I hope you’ve picked up a few little tips from this post and are feeling inspired to get a-washing!

How do you clean your brushes?  What are your favourite brush cleaning products?


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