Products to help with hayfever!

I’ve said before that I have terrible, terrible hayfever.  I suffer really badly from it and have done since I was about 11 so I popped together a selection of products that I find helps lessen the suffering so much.

Before getting on to the products, I should mention that my allergy is so terrible that I get a yearly injection to help get rid of the symptoms.  It’s not a great injection to get (it’s very expensive) but after five days symptoms are pretty much gone.  Until I get the injection, these are the products I swear by!


iphone 830 Me after a sneezing attack – 8 sneezes in a row!

Kleenex Pocket Tissues – Tissues!  This is an obvious one but there have been multiple times that I’ve hopped on the tube and realised I don’t have any tissues, which leads to me sneezing over my hands and getting generally quite messy (gross, I know).  I like the Kleenex one as they are super soft and last a while.

Murine Irritation and Redness Relief Eyedrops – I don’t think I could have got through this hay fever season without these.  I suffer from terribly itchy, red eyes especially in the evening and these magically soothe my eyes and also take away any signs of redness or bloodshot-ness!  They cost me about £5 and I get them behind the counter at my local chemist and find them better than the itchy eyes Optrex ones I used to use.

Prevalin Allergy Relief Spray – Lots of people recommended me this and so I gave it a try.  I’m not generally a fan of nasal sprays as they seem to make me sneeze even more, however this one in particular lessened nose blockage after the initial sneeze tickle and outburst! 

Optrex Activist 2-in-1 Eye Spray- This is an odd product; a spray which you use with your eyes closed!  You spritz this on to closed eyes and it apparently seeps through to help soothe eyes.  The good thing is you can use this even when wearing eye makeup and it doesn't ruin it but I’m not sure whether it actually helps my itchy eyes that greatly!

Boots Own Brand Hayfever pills -   I used to buy only branded hayfever pills such as Zirtek, Benadryl etc but now I just buy chemists own branded ones, which are half the price, normally on offer also and have the exact same ingredients.  This saves me so much money and works just as well so they are handbag staples!

What are your favourite products for lessening the symptoms of hayfever?



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