The Perfect Night in for £50!

I’ve said it before; I’m definitely one of those girls that prefers a night in relaxing rather than a night out on the town.  My idea of the perfect evening is a cup of tea, a good book, music, good food and company.  When I was challenged by Money Supermarket to have the ‘perfect’ night in for only £50, I thought – that’s a doddle!  I set aside one evening last week and made it my ‘official evening in’ and here is what I got up to!

night in 1
Bath time!

night in 2 night in 3
Food, pamper and cuddles with Balthazar!

Green tea in my Morrissey mug, new candle and book!

As soon as I got in from work I ran a bath for myself to relax before the evening ahead.  I used the new Timotei Organic Delight Range (which is free from parabens, sulphates, silicones etc) to wash my hair with.  I also picked up a little essential oil from the Muji sale which was £2;  I adore adding essential oils to baths as they make the whole bathroom smell incredible, this lime one being super invigorating and delicious.  I also added the Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil which I recently got because my eczema has been playing up, it’s a creamy oil which smells like oats which is lovely but can get a little sickly!  I’ve discovered that I like to pour a few drops of this into the bath and rub some into my body whilst in the bath too!

Secondly and maybe the most important part of the night;  food!  Me and the Snooks family love takeaways, one of our favourites being a chinese called Dinner Box from the Just Eat website.  I ordered a selection of our fav dishes, included honey ribs, crispy fried vegetables, sea-spiced aubergine, noodles etc! 

Once fed and bathed I’m pretty much the most content!  I changed into my dressing gown (it’s SO soft and from and had a little cuddle with Balthazar my little hamster (I’m going to introduce her properly to you all very soon).  Then I lit a candle I treated myself to just for the night as my current one is running out.  It’s from Muji and called Nashi which means Japanese pear and it smells SO GOOD.  I then  jumped into bed with a cup of green tea and a new book I’ve just started reading.  It’s called ‘The End of Alice’ by A.M Holmes.  It’s not the loveliest book I’ve ever read as it’s told from the perspective of a paedophile in jail (controversial, I know) but the story so far has been intriguing. 

Chinese Takeaway: £28.10
Timotei Organic Delight range: £6.98
Muji Lime Oil: £2
Aveeno Oatmeal Bath & Shower Oil: £5.46
Muji Candle: £3.99
Book on my Acer Tablet: £5.99

Total: £52.52

Now I’m a tiny bit over budget, but the beauty products I purchased can be used multiple times so you are getting moneys worth with them!  And instead of a book I could have listened to music on Spotify (my new favourite band being Little Comets – check them out) or I could have watch some TV online for free (been loving Hannibal, Dates and Breaking Bad recently, not to mention that the final season of Dexter has just started).  But I really enjoyed this challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing other ‘night in’ blog posts!

The winner of the Money Supermarket Big Night In wins a prize too so fingers crossed for me too!

What would your idea night consist of? 



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