July Favourites!

I rounded up my top 5 favourite beauty products throughout the month of July and filmed exactly why I loved them, which you can watch below!


Urban Decay Revolutionize Lipstick in Streak – This (along with MAC’s limited edition Sushi Kiss lippie) has been my most used lipstick throughout the month of July.  It’s the most luxurious, peachy pink lipstick which really suits my pale complexion.  I am wearing this in the video above and it is just beautiful.  Props to Urban Decay for creating this beauty!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 02 – A second lip product here, and this time it’s one of the much loved & spoken about Clarins Lip Perfectors.  I recently got my hands on this and it hasn’t left my makeup bag since.  It’s a caramel-scented light, non-sticky lipgloss which just adds the nicest sheen to my pout.  I could sniff this all day.

Cover FX Total Cover Pressed Powder – July has been all about matte skin for me; it was a ridiculously hot and humid month which means that my face looked pretty much permanently oily, so used a pressed powder was a daily (and hourly) occurance.  I love this pressed powder for its buildable coverage and pale shade which doesn’t leave me looking orange at all.

Skin Doctors Hair No More – I’ll admit now I’m super lazy in the hair department.  I’ve never had a wax (shock-horror) and try and get away with shaving as less as I can (not painting a great picture of myself, am I, ha!).  Well, I’ve been using this beauty in July and I have already started seeing a slight difference.  It’s a hair inhibitor spray which helps to minimise the growth of hair.  It can be used all over but I’ve started off using it just on my legs, just spritz it on and massage it in a couple of times a week and you should start seeing a difference after a couple of weeks.  I am adamant to keep this up and use it religiously this summer!

Sleek Ink Pot Gel Eyeliner in Dominatrix – I’ve scrimped on eyeshadow in July and just focused on eyeliner to give me that big-eyed look and this has been my gel liner of choice!  This is ridiculously affordable, at around £5 including a brush, and is a fantastic quality giving me the most perfect, matte black winged liner look.  This is my third pot of this is my third pot of this stuff (I’ve been using it for a couple of years now) and favour it over any other high-end gel liner.  Try it out!

Favourite Band: Little Comets – I have been absolutely obsessed with Little Comets throughout the entire month and still can’t stop listening to their songs.  My favourites of theirs are: In Blue Music We Trust, Figures, Little Opus, Isles… and ALL the others.  I really urge you to give them a listen and I hope I get to see them live soon.

Books: I read two books this month; The End of Alice by A.M Holmes and Lolita by Vladimirovich Nabokov.  Both are based around the same (disturbing) topic and both have been interesting (?) to read.  I wouldn’t necersarily recommend them as they aren’t nice books but I thought they are both well written.  I’m definitely going to read a happy book next!

Lovebox Festival: I went to Lovebox with some of my favourite people a couple of weekends ago and had the best time.  I have a post coming up about it shortly!

Filming with DailyMix: I was super lucky to film with Tanya Burr on Dailymix in July – we had a great little chat about highstreet/highend makeup dupes!  I really can’t wait for the video to go live, I’ll let you know as soon as it does!

What have been your favourite products throughout the month of July?  Anymore books to recommend me (happy ones)?


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