Lovebox Festival (& deodorant challenge)!

I’m not normally one for festivals – my phobia of people being sick stops me doing a lot of things and going to festivals is one of them.  However, Sure recently got in touch with a challenge – to try out their new Maximum Protection deodorant in a situation where you are likely to get rather hot & sweaty.  I chose two tickets to Lovebox festival to see a couple of my favourite artists live and it just so happened that some of my best friends also went along also! 

My favourite girls in the world! Zoe, Emma and Lily!

Jumping/Action shots – which definitely tested the deod!


Lily’s vlog of our day!

The Festival: I saw two of my current favourite musical obsessions, Josef Salvat (thanks Andrew you babe for coming to watch him with me), and Aluna George.  We sipped rose, ran around, ate pizza, jumped for photographs and claimed our spot of grass in between five massive flags.  After the festival I made my way straight out to the Barfly in Camden to see Andrew perform with his band Whisky Jax and did even more dancing there.   The day was pretty perfect and has definitely re-ignited my love of festivals. 

Lily also took her camera along on the day (most of the photographs above are hers, thank you!) and we didn’t realise but the camera was on a mode which filmed little clips before we took a photograph.  So once she was home she put together a little vlog of our day (you can see me preparing to take a selfie – cringe!) you can watch that above too!

The deodorant: Now I am already a massive fan of this deodorant and have been using it religiously for the past year, however they have bought out a new scent and so I was looking forward to giving it a try.  The product works best when applied before bed as that's when your body temperature is at its most consistent so it can really get working. 
The morning after applying it was the day of the festival.  I had a shower (and shaved – note this is important, as this surely means that I’m getting rid of the deod?).  I gave myself another sweep of the product before heading out at 12pm and I can safely say that I didn’t sweat an inch, despite the hot weather and festivities.

I had an incredible (sweat-free) weekend and would do it all over again if I could!  Thanks Sure for the opportunity!

What’s your favourite deodorant and festival?


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