Let's Clean Out My Closet! Organization and De-Cluttering Tips...

Oh how happy I am that today is FRIDAY! ...and not just any Friday, the Friday that my man turned 30. Wow how time flies!
Anyway, I thought I'd squeeze in this little blog post (with a big video attached) before the weekend gets too far underway.

I filmed this video a few weeks ago shortly after realizing that it had been quite some time since I had actually done a real "closet cleaning".
So I got all up in there (ahem, my closet), and got to work. Only to realize that while I had a lot of stuff to get rid of, most of the cleaning had already been done for me.
Yeah, I know. That totally sounds like it makes zero sense. But it will once I explain my go-to closet cleaning/de-cluttering/organization methods that really and truly work so well for me.
You'll get all the juicy details in the video, but it basically involves being honest with yourself every day. Not just on days you decide to clean your closet. If you're constantly taking inventory of what you have and following a few of my tips, you'll be greeted every single day with a closet full of things that you love that actually works. I swear, it's totally possible.
Don't freak out... I know that must sound like I'm constantly cleaning out my closet, but I'm really not. I don't even donate or get rid of clothes all that often. Maybe three times a year.

So what better way to show you all my closet-cleaning ways than to actually clean out my closet with you all and share with you my go-to tips and methods for a fab closet space. In the video, I also show you all what I decided to get rid of and why.

The video is full of so much more than I can share with you all here, but here are some of my main tips:
  • Keep a bag or box somewhere hidden in your closet so that when you come across an item you're not "feeling" anymore, you can quickly throw it in.
  • When you go on a bit of a shopping spree, put the same amount of clothes as you bring in into the "give away" bag.
  • Anything damaged, worn-out, ill-fitting (and not worth tailoring), uncomfortable, or something that you're constantly trying to make "work" unsuccessfully goes straight into the give away bag.
  • Donate/sell (basically just get rid of) the give away bag contents every 4 months. This works awesome because you'll be more inclined to put items you're not sure about into a bag you're not getting rid of right away. It's easier to commit to. You can also avoid getting rid of anything you may want later, as 4 months is a pretty good time frame in which you can catch your mistake if you change your mind. You can always get the items back out if you decide you want them!
I hope this inspires you all to make your closets become an organized, clutter-free space you love! Like I explain in the video, work with what you have. You can totally have a fab closet of any size. 

So what closet cleaning/organization tips work best for YOU?
Hope you all have the best weekend!!


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