Pikachu (Birthday) Makeup Tutorial!

A couple of week’s ago I went to a fancy dress party and the theme was ‘Favourite Childhood Characters’.  It really wasn’t a difficult decision at all for me who I adored growing up (apart from Count Duckula) it was of course Pikachu.  I have been obsessed with Pokemon since it hit my TV at the age of about 13, I have every episode of the original TV series on DVD and have completed both red, blue, yellow and diamond editions of the game on my multiple gameboys. 

Now, being as it’s my birthday today (I’m 25, so old!) I decided to upload my Pikachu tutorial in ode to my childhood.  If you are ever in need to look like a pokemon, look no further!



I really hope you enjoy this video.  Do subscribe to my YouTube channel (it’d make my day) and let me know what your favourite Pokemon was, maybe I’ll do their tutorial next!  For now, I’m back to birthday celebrations! 

Who was your favourite childhood character?


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