NEW Sigma Beauty Creme de Couture Collection Swatches! GET YOURS FIRST!

Yes, this is an extra sweet and special weekend post... So the Creme de Couture collection literally just hit my doorstep earlier today. I have no self-control and HAD to play!
So this super sweet Sigma Beauty collection is completely inspired by yummy confections. Seriously, all the names, packaging, even the colors make me hungry.  

Let's dig in...

So this collection contains 3 blushes and an eye shadow palette containing 16 colors.  I LOVE the packaging. Reminiscent of a box you'd find yummy little confections inside of...

Here are the blushes...

I seriously cannot handle all this cuteness. Do you see the little inserts inside describing the color? Presh, right?

swatched left to right below: Blackberry Essence, Strawberry Ambrosia, and Cherry Apple 
$12. each

And finally, this beauty. 
Perfect eye shadow-y goodness.

Seriously, my heart can't take it.
swatched in order by rows below

You can get your hands on this new, yummy collection HERE.
Get yours now, as this collection is limited and selling fast!

Oh, and don't forget to use code "LJW2013" to save 10% off your entire purchase through September 30th!

What are YOUR favorites?? 
I honestly can't pick. But I'm especially craving the Strawberry Ambrosia blush and obviously, the eye shadow palette is a must! This baby will be showing up in lots of future tutorials so stay tuned! ;)

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