How I Pack Beauty Products for Travel

Over the years, one of the most popular video requests I've received is how I pack beauty products for travel.  Particularly airline travel.
And why wouldn't it be? It's something that can be a bit tricky. All those rules about carry-ons and liquids. It's exhausting. Especially when you don't travel often. It still stresses me out a little.
But I've definitely picked up LOTS of great ideas and learned a few tricks. Mostly because I've had some bad experiences going through security with makeup and products. So I've learned a thing or two to avoid any stress or security hold-ups. Which I'm passing along to you.
I also did a more basic travel video a few weeks ago where I show you how I packed all my products and makeup for a road trip. I also show you inside my beach bag and how I pack it.
So between these two videos, you can get all of my packing tips and see what I bring on vacation.
Hope you guys love!


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