TiffanyD is a SOAP!? & a Candle and Bath Product Video...

Yes, you read that correctly.  If you've followed my blog and YouTube channel for a while, you've probably heard me mention Candles By Victoria.  Maybe you even remember when Victoria created a candle scent inspired by me, called TiffanyD.  It's YUM. I always have one in my home. It's an unexpected, yummy scent of watermelon, cotton candy, and vanilla.  It's always been fun to burn "my" candle in our home and know it's uniquely mine. Makes me feel all special.  
So imagine my excitement when I found out that their bath product line, CBV Bath & Body, has not one, but THREE products in their line in my scent! I mean check out the cuteness of the TiffanyD soaps... It's almost too cute to comprehend. 

(TiffanyD bar soap, and TiffanyD soap round)
I LOVE the hot pink Barbie-ish heels on top. So precious.  
They also carry a really unique product in my scent as well called "Shave Cream Sundaes".
Behold, the cuteness of the TiffanyD Shave Cream Sundae...

 This stuff is so unique. It's actually a little tub full of the fluffy stuff that tops some of the soaps.  So you can use it as a creamier soap, or shave with it. I've used mine three times already and still have a TON left. 
Oh, and don't even get me started on their Pink Cupcake scent... Heaven.
You'll flip when you see the rest of the products they have. The soaps are so pretty. Definitely the prettiest "hand made" soaps I've ever had. I have them in several other scents that I show and describe in the video below.
Best of all, the quality is amazing. Great ingredients, great lather, and makes my skin feel great. Best of all, the hard part of the actual soap itself doesn't turn to total goo in the shower.  Which is my biggest peeve about handmade soaps. They usually melt down the drain.
 I wasn't even planning on doing a video on this stuff. Just ordering some candles for our home and some new fun bath products. But since I was so impressed by these products, and since a CBV video is long overdue (it's literally been YEARS), I put together a little video for you all.
Check out my new video below to see all the new yummy candles I ordered as well as tons of bath products. Oh, and don't miss the coupon codes at the bottom of the post!


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